READY ~ “An immensely readable story of Love”

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“With honesty, humor, and grace Heather Alaine spins her tale of dating in the modern age in READY. A memoir for any woman who has been on the roller coaster of First Dates, this is an immensely readable story of love, forgiveness, and redemption. And it’s funny as hell. This is a book to turn to for a laugh and a cry as well as a reminder to be brave enough to try again.” ~ Katherine Field Rothschild, Author of Hope and Other Feathered Things

“LOVE! I couldn’t put it down… I was reading while blow-drying my hair, reading while brushing my teeth, reading on bathroom breaks at work… seriously could. not. stop. What I loved the most was that even though Heather’s experiences were quite different from my own, I felt a connection to the emotional roller coaster of a ride she was on. Her honesty, humor, frustration, and openness made it impossible not to feel along with her. Reading “Ready” is like talking with your best friend over a glass of bubbly!” ~ Gretchen S.

“I COULDNT PUT IT DOWN!! A truly entertaining read full of wisdom, beautiful & deep insight, and hilarious tales. Her honesty and rawness inspired me to reflect more consciously & love harder. Thank you for sharing your story with the world Heather! I would love to pre-order a follow up sequel.” ~ Libby M.

“I LOVE this book. It’s intimate, fresh, funny and brave. Heather presents her vulnerability with grace, sharing her unique path with clarity and humor that will echo the experiences of so many women.” ~ Karen W.