“An immensely readable story of Love.”

The memoir of a woman who starts over again after a devastating break-up, this is a book of humor and hope in the face of daunting online (and some real life) dating.

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READY currently has nearly 100 reviews.  Here’s what people are saying:

With honesty, humor, and grace Heather Alaine spins her tale of dating in the modern age in READY. A memoir for any woman who has been on the roller coaster of First Dates, this is an immensely readable story of love, forgiveness, and redemption. And it’s funny as hell. This is a book to turn to for a laugh and a cry as well as a reminder to be brave enough to try again. ~ Katherine Field Rothschild, Author of Hope and Other Feathered Things

LOVE! I couldn’t put it down… I was reading while blow-drying my hair, reading while brushing my teeth, reading on bathroom breaks at work… seriously could. not. stop. What I loved the most was that even though Heather’s experiences were quite different from my own, I felt a connection to the emotional roller coaster of a ride she was on. Her honesty, humor, frustration, and openness made it impossible not to feel along with her. Reading “Ready” is like talking with your best friend over a glass of bubbly!”~ Gretchen S.

I COULDNT PUT IT DOWN!! A truly entertaining read full of wisdom, beautiful & deep insight, and hilarious tales. Her honesty and rawness inspired me to reflect more consciously & love harder. Thank you for sharing your story with the world Heather! I would love to pre-order a follow up sequel. ~ Libby M.

I LOVE this book. It’s intimate, fresh, funny and brave. Heather presents her vulnerability with grace, sharing her unique path with clarity and humor that will echo the experiences of so many women. ~ Karen W.

Thank you, Heather, for putting in writing what so many modern women experience in the often-crazy world of dating. Your experiences were honest, funny, heartbreaking, thrilling, and everything in between. Reading this book was like having a glass of champagne with you on a sunny East Bay deck. I couldn’t put it down (and literally read in one sitting). As a dance teacher, you are an inspiration for fitness and transformation, mindfulness and self-love. Your book is another dimension of your beautiful power to connect with other women.

Thank you, Heather, for putting in writing what so many modern women experience in the often-crazy world of dating. Your experiences were honest, funny, heartbreaking, thrilling, and everything in between. Reading this book was like having a glass of champagne with you on a sunny East Bay deck. I couldn’t put it down (and literally read in one sitting). As a dance teacher, you are an inspiration for fitness and transformation, mindfulness and self-love. Your book is another dimension of your beautiful power to connect with other women. ~ Jessica W.

Married 30 years but right there with you on figuring out this love thing. Thanks for perfect summer read. ~ Jeanne M.

An engaging read! Enjoyable, touching, and heartfelt. ~ Penny B.

The sweetest & most authentic memoir.  Heather’s words are so real and relatable in this day and age. ~ Stephanie P.

I LOVE this book! I laughed, I cried and could not put it down! For anyone finding it hard to Let Go, this book is for you! I had to share this book with a close friend and can’t wait to get it back so I can read it again! Thank you for sharing your story. ~ Marisol Reading this book was especially special for me since Heather was one of my kindergarten and first grade teachers!! As a young women battling insecurities and living in a society obssesed with relationships, this book revealed to me the importance of loving myself to the point where I can be happy in my own company. It was also extremely inspiring to connect and to be enlightened by a woman who was part of my early childhood. ~ Liz G.

Heather writes from the heart and lets you know what her most authentic and raw truth is through each story she tells. She takes you on this journey with humor, grace, and fierce courage. It’s a fantastically written book. I appreciated reading through it and I will definitely pick it up whenever I need her wisdom to sprinkle my day. ~ Lucina P.

WOW. This is the first book I’ve read cover to cover in quite some time and I loved it! It’s hard to write this review without sounding cheesey, but I can honestly say reading “Ready” made me both laugh out loud and tear up in relating to Heather’s sincerity and brave vulnerablity. Both entertaining and therapeutic, this is a FANTASTIC BOOK!! ~ Ziva E.

Reading Ready felt like I was having a glass of wine and listening to stories by my bestie. Heather’s passionate reminders of vulnerability and self love are refreshing and humorous. This book is both relatable and engaging, not to mention hard to put down! Highly recommend! ~ Becki S.

My heart fluctuated with every crescendo of a date gone south in Miss Alaine’s soul searching autobiography. We can all relate to loss, pain, triumph, finding our sisters, shedding our skin and growing wings to fly away from the past and forward into the light. I applaud her openness, words of wisdom and challenge for her reader to hold on for the ride. You root for her, wonder why the “date” always has to pump on so much cologne, and watch her dig deep to find what makes her and really, all of us click. If you collect all the female artists’ songs from her chapter titles, you have yourself a mega-empowered playlist. Such a great read, I couldn’t put it down. ~ Roxy L.

Hard to put this wonderfully honest, insightful and funny down. Such a beautiful read. ~ Maggie S.

I loved the humor and vulnerability of this book. It’s authentic and speaks to our universal quest for self-knowledge and love! I would read it again! Thank you Heather Alaine for your pearls of wisdom and inspiration! ~ Karen M.

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Heather Alaine is a talented writer who tells the sad, funny, heart-felt true story of her search for love. Her tale will resonate with all women – read it now and buy a copy for all of the girls you know! ~ Tara S.

Absolutely awesome!!! Loved it and I have been talking about it with all my friends, super recommended. ~ Pri A.

A humorous, highly enjoyable read that nearly all women could relate to about dating and finding love. Alaine provides both laugh out loud and deeply vulnerable moments that will make you want to continue along her journey until the very last page. ~Dayna R.

As one who prefers to read indoors, I never really understood the concept of a “beach read.” After rapidly reading through Heather Alaine’s delightful chronicle of the trials and tribulations of online dating, I get it! This book would be a wonderful companion by the ocean or the pool, sipping a (insert your alcoholic beverage of choice). It’s a bit like sitting down with an entertaining, honest, enthusiastic friend, shooting the breeze and pondering moments of pathos and various insights into human behavior as they relate to love—loving another and loving oneself. ~ Renee H.

Ready takes you on a journey of self discovery and self-awareness through the topsy-turvy world of online dating. Through dives, dips and turns, I found myself laughing out loud, collapsed in tears and keenly self-reflective as I shared in Heather’s personal account of looking for love in a sometimes removed, often disconnected, ever-connected world. This author’s storytelling style is just polished enough and just raw enough to feel endearing and very, very real. For any woman out there who feels like finding love has become akin to “shopping for a pair of nice fitting pants with a laundry list a mile long,” this book will guide you to find the deeper meaning behind your personal quest for love. ~ Carolyn J.

Ready was like a dating “mystery” novel – Heather’s narrative was raw and vulnerable and warm, taking us through the journey of dating, meeting the strangest cast of characters that anyone who has dated has come up against. You’re on the journey with her, asking yourself the same questions she does at the beginning of each date “How will this turn out?” “Is HE the one?” Her reactions are our reactions. Her thoughts are our thoughts. The journey twists and turns with surprise revelations and incredibly empowering moments that will touch anyone – coupled, triad-ed, or single. I’ve never read a book about self-love or self-discovery quite like this and am still turning certain parts around in my head. I wish I had this earlier in life! There are so many nuggets of wisdom I have dog-eared or highlighted. Thank you for sharing your journey! ~ Vanessa C.

“Ready”, by Heather Alaine is a definite page turner and an heart opening inspiring read. She is fearlessly authentic and raw. She captures your heart, just on the very first few pages of the book; and then takes the reader on this amazing journey of her life with such poise and grace. You find yourself either hysterically laughing or feeling the burn in her heart, either way, you remain her biggest fan on the entire time admiring her passion, perseverance and stamina as she stays in “alignment” with what is true in the core of her heart which is finding true LOVE and despite all the calamities, she wont give up. With each of her experiences, good or bad, she constantly looks in “the-rear-view-mirror”, and make sure not to look at each of those experiences as simply a loss, but more importantly a lesson that needs to be applied to the next chapter of her journey of finding love. ~ Parissa P.

I just finished reading “READY” and I’m still smiling! Such a fun, quick read that also made ya think! I loved Heather’s writing style and tone… and her vulnerability in her writing. For anyone who has been on a bad date(s), this is for you! Loved it! ~K.C.B.

I read the book in 48 (only because I have a 3 and 10 month old) it was so good! You had me feeling like I was your girlfriend and you was telling me your experiences as we sipped on wine and ate chocolate. I laughed, cried and even found myself at times reminiscing on my heartbreaks and love. Idk if you have considered writing a another book or a sequel but if you do let me be the first to know!! You go girl I give you props for opening up your heart to the world! To read, to judge, and to inspire!! ~ Erica G.

Heather writes with honesty and strength. She is a determined adventurer in her voyage to find love. I found that admirable, and her commitment to be herself in the face of her boyfriend’s cheating inspiring. Congratulations to Heather for sharing her journey in such an accessible and fun to read account! ~ Mila

entertaining, thoughtful, funny, current. relatable. Hard to read sometimes because its so close to home, and yet I couldn’t put it down because It felt like I was reading my story and I wanted to see how it ended. Highly recommended! ~ Tarah F.

Started reading the first chapter and though it was a different circumstance than my own love story, I felt the same heart wrenching pain and broke down in tears. Luckily, the rest of the book was balanced with humor and “ugh, I can’t believe this guy” moments with online dating that made you feel that you are not alone in this search for happiness and love. Kept wanting to read to find out “did she find love?” Relatable, humorous, inspiring read. ~ C.C.

I loved this book. I could not put it down. Heather is honest, funny and committed to Love!! I love how present her voice was in the book. I felt like I was sitting down talking with her as I read each chapter. I could not put the book down. I hope she will write more. This book took a topic that is often not discussed in my experience and Heather put it all out on the table- powerfully, lovingly, with humor and grace. Thank you Heather<3  ~ Stacy O.

Any woman would be crazy not to fall in love with this book written by the fiercely brace Heather Alaine! Go buy your own copy because I’m reading it a second time to make sure I absorb all the wisdom, feels, and gems it holds! ~ Cat B.

WOW. This is the first book I’ve read cover to cover in quite some time and I loved it! It’s hard to write this review without sounding cheesey, but I can honestly say reading “Ready” made me both laugh out loud and tear up in relating to Heather’s sincerity and brave vulnerablity. Both entertaining and therapeutic, this is a FANTASTIC BOOK!! ~Megan

Funny, honest, hopeful – Ready is a great read whether you are looking for love in modern times or (like me) met and married your partner almost 20 years ago. Heather’s integration of music as thematic chapters in her journey adds another layer – the playlist of all playlists! Definitely a fantastic and invigorating read! ~ Lisa G.

What a bold and honest writer Heather is. I loved the book and its message. For anyone who has played the dating game, you will recognize the ‘types’! Loved it and highly recommend. ~ Rachel R.

Reading ‘Ready’ is like sitting down with your closest friend and talking about your most vulnerable moments, with heart, reflection, and momentous insight. Heather’s story is so relatable and speaks to the development many of us go through in life – working through frustrations, loss, and love – constantly trying to find ourselves, deciding what moves us, and what we can lovingly adjust to be our best selves.. all of this while making the careful choice about the type of person we want to share this life with. Please read ‘Ready.’ You will absolutely not be disappointed. ~ Regina C.

I loved Ready!!! Everything about it. The rawness. The realness. The laughter and tears. Heather writes with a voice that every woman can call her own. I connected to that book and closed its final pages with a renewed sense of comfort and hope. Will definitely be sharing with my girlfriends. ~Dina

A wonderful memoir. Alaine writes with grace, humor and poignancy about her search for The One. A funny and occasionally heartbreaking story of the modern dating world, where people, instead of meeting with their eyes across a crowded room, meet by clicking or swiping left or right on their smartphones. The author’s voice is one of a relatable girlfriend as well as a unique woman of the world. A very fun read. Highly recommended. ~ Julia P.

I am LOVING it so far! The storytelling is engaging, kept me on my toes, and excited to turn the page. I was laughing, entertained, and completely enthralled by the author’s unique voice. It isn’t often heard and I’m thankful for her paving the way for a different voice for women. I’m taking my time on this journey because I simply don’t want it to end. ~ Mui S.

I expected a light hearted funny book about the trials of online dating but got so much more! I laughed, I cried, I remembered how it first felt to ache for someone and how it first felt to lose someone. I loved it so much that I was up in the middle of the night reading it when I should’ve been sleeping! ~ Lisa S.

Ready is one book you cannot put down. Emotionally raw and intensely humorous, Heather guides you through her dating journey. Ready is like comfort food for your heart and soul. This book will not disappoint. ~ Lisa R.

I couldn’t put the book down! I felt her pain, I knew her stories. Heather opens up her heart for all to read and it’s a beautiful story to read. 5 stars! ~ M. Lane

A quick, engaging, funny, and sweet read. Heather’s heart and sense of humor shine out from every chapter. ~ L. Hsia

I’ve found this book to be enlightening and relatable. This is an amazing book and keeps you engaged and wanting more. Heather is very vulnerable, honest and inspiring. I admire her rawness and openness in taking you through the ups and downs of dating and healing. She has a graceful way of taking you through REAL life stories that so many of experience that can be humorous and a heart jerky at times. This books helps you learn more about yourself and makes you think more about if you’re doing what’s right for you. You can’t help but to feel her heartbreak and pain and wanting to reach out and hug her. Her healing, foregiveness and redemption journeys through this experience was most inspiring to read. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for love especially all my girlfriends. It is will show you how to be open to live despite all of rocky roads that dating may take you through. ~ Sandra J.

Funny, bold, poignant and above all else TRUE. Heather has a keen eye for detail and a great way of telling a story. Her story. This was a really engaging book. High praise to Heather for opening herself up again and again to life and love and letting us in on the journey. Reading her book will reassure you you’re not alone in the quest! ~ K. Hagaman

This book came at the perfect time for me. It’s incredibly readable, very funny and extremely humane in its treatment not only of the dudes who fail to make the author’s bell ring, but in the author’s assessment of herself. I read it in less than a day because I couldn’t put it down. ~ Emily J.

Just finished reading “Ready” and I LOVED it. It’s vulnerable, authentic, and inspiring. I found myself screaming, “YES! I’ve been there!” more times than I could count. Not just me, but other women I know who have shared their stories. I enjoyed how Heather themed the book around song titles making a playlist of her love life. I downloaded the playlist from Spotify and followed along as I read. It just added this extra layer of feeling and emotions to each chapter. Heather’s writing is fresh and real with muses and internal thoughts that really had me cuddled up in her heart laughing and crying along with her. Her transformational and healing journey is inspiring and encouraging to all. Definite must read and I’m planning on buying these for my single lady friends who are looking for some hope! ~ Veronica C.

We all have stories about our search for love. What you will find in this book are some universals that will speak to some parts your journey and others that reverberate tales from your lady friends. In reading, there will be moments that inspire you to laugh aloud, shake your head in disbelief and tear up with emotion when reading how challenging it can be to move through pain and break open the heart. This is a herstory of a modern day search of love and exploration of what it means to become ready. ~ Nye

It is an unputdownable read – a gorgeously honest account of Heather’s journey through heartbreak to healing as a young woman searching for love and navigating the dating scene in the Bay Area, California. The reading experience is like having that close friend you have been missing, sitting at your shoulder and telling it straight – making you laugh out loud, cry with her, marvel and rejoice! ~ Casey

“Ready” is an authentic, touching, and inspiring memoir that takes you on a journey of emotions. In reading it I found myself at times laughing, crying, and everything in between. Heather Alaine does a great job of making you feel what she feels as she makes her way through modern dating and romance. An easy to read page turner, I couldn’t put it down. I felt a connection to the book and enjoyed how it made me reflect upon relationships and friendship. “Ready” made me appreciate the different paths we all take towards love. ~ Rocio G.

Ready is a beautiful, empowering read — yes, about the messiness & head rush of dating and looking for big love, but mostly about resilience, about how to carve out a life one loves. Heather is funny, honest, and encouraging. She is, deeply and wonderfully, a “solider of love,” and I recommend her book for all who are looking, for any woman who could use a solid sister-talk about the importance of self-love — no matter who or where you are in life. ~ Caroline S.

Dating 101. I would recommend this book to anyone searching for love. With humor and candor Ready delves into the scariest moments in love and makes you laugh and say “OMG!!! SAME!!”. A quick read that inspired me not to give up in love and life. ~ Jazmyne M.

This is such a wonderful book! It is as deep and beautiful and insightful as the author… Highly recommended reading for all! ~ Coleen

Ready is an honest, funny, deeply relatable book about love and loss, letting go and the power of loving oneself in the journey of Love. It’s so clear Heather uses the most challenging experiences she’s had in love, to grow, to become stronger, to show up as a light for others, to live more open-heartedly. What a courgeous and inspiring way to be. It’s so easy to feel broken by the things we lose in love and by the way we are taught to look outside of ourselves for love. Ready highlights the beauty that can blossom from the slow and steady growth of loving oneself in the journey towards loving others. Heather’s sharing is a true gift. ~ Saraylse

What a fabulous read!!! Heather Alaine’s Ready was truly entertaining from beginning to end. This book had me laughing, crying, relating and reflecting. I connected with Heather’s story, with her heartbreak and journey to find love. She captured the true reality of the ups, downs, in betweens, and unexpected moments of this journey. I honestly did not want it to end!! You do not want to miss this one!! ~ Christina

Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones could have learned a few things from Heather Alaine’s take on the confusing confounding world of dating today. It’s like sitting down over a glass of wine with a good friend who dishes on what amounts to emotional base jumping….i.e.: dating. ~ Ellen

Indeed it is a “journey” to read the book. Plenty of difference chemistry flowing through my body while reading the stories shared from the heart and mind of the author’s journey to find Honest/Kind/Everlasting Love. Often I laughed, other times I was perplexed, sometimes couldn’t relate; however, I kept growing and learning through the book’s journey to find love. I am married in a wonderful relationship. This book made me appreciate my own journey….and be ready to adivce others going on their journeys. The good news, I know have a tool “Ready” – I’ll be giving it away and asking my friends to read it. It’s a fantastic read…always a “Ready” to be read book. Check it out. Get a glass of tea, red wine, comfortable chair and enjoy your journey while reading this book. ~ Elizabeth

The only bad thing about this book is that I didn’t want it to end. Heather Alaine humorously yet masterfully and honestly discusses her trials and tribulations with love. Most women can relate to the frustrations and horror of dating but Heather beautifully reflects not only on the mistakes of the men she chose but also her choices as well. To not have a “woe is me” dating book is refreshing. I’m looking to the sequel( if there will be one) to see where her journey takes her! ~ Andrea B.

One of the greatest gifts this book gave me was a sincere reminder that I am not alone. Heather Alaine’s book supports readers in letting go of taking our romantic loves and experiences personally. An empowering read that naturally facilitates self-reflection for the reader. ~ Katherine S.

This is such an adorable book. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I loved the comedic elements throughout the book as well as the moments that made my heart pound out of my chest. Simply put this book made me smile. REARVIEW MIRROR inserts – priceless! Love your sass. Thanks for sharing your journey. ~ Barbara C.

This is one of those books you can’t put down until the end. Such a fun read with stories that I can definitely relate to and stories I wish were my own!! Heather’s personality definitely shines through this memoir as does her passion for life. ~ Jato

Ready? Am I? Are you? What does it all mean! Never fear, Heather Alaine’s book will hold your soul and give it a big hug as she bravely shares her travels down the road of love. Clarity through humor, insight through light and tender metaphor, and a perspective that will melt your heart into a puddle of surrender to the best in yourself. This delightful book elegantly dances the lines between ourselves and the characters we meet as we walk that sometimes rocky road of love. Thank you Heather for sharing your story. ~ Samar N.

Heather gets you right in the heart and does so with a perfect combination of raw emotion and humor. Healing thru insight and laughter. Completely realatable, whether you’ve been there or are in the midst of now, this is truly a book you should read! ~ Sonia M.

Honest, compelling and captivating, READY swept me away. The highs were high-larious and the lows, were low, but oh so deep. That’s where the healing comes in. Heather Allaine writes with such intimacy you feel like she’s your best girlfriend and that you are right there, next to her, hearing the words from her lips and the passion in her heart. Her positive approach provides lessons that don’t preach, but easily enlighten. Universal truths abound about love, loss, longing and resilience. You just want to reach out and hug her, sometimes with compassion and always with gratitude. This book is a gift for all. ~ C.J. Fisher

I could NOT put this book down. It flowed so seamlessly through the author’s life that I simply could not push pause. I loved hearing her honesty, vulnerability, and humor! This book gave me a sense of community as a single woman still attempting to find love. Read it! ~ Olivia T.

With SOUL, SASS and a whole lot of HEART, Heather Alaine takes her readers on a journey of love-love for others, love for self, and most importantly, love for life-even when it throws its punches! A beautiful, funny, heartwarming read that is so relatable to so many women who have experienced love, heartbreak and waiting, sometimes impatiently, for the one! What is most touching about this tale is the naked vulnerability that the author bares, which is ultimately her deepest strength and the most poignant aspect of her story. Ready? Yes! ~ Jordana R.

Heather so beautifully opens up about her experiences with the crazy rollercoaster of dating and relationships . With so much tenderness and humor in her voice , she inspires all to still be open to love despite the hardships it can bring . A book worth reading for all who know that love isn’t always easy but that when you find the right person , it’s worth waiting for … ~ Karen H.

A fresh, provocative read for anyone, single or otherwise, who has experienced or is curious about the female perspectve on modern dating. The author unabashedly shares her journey, taking the reader on a ride through moments that are cringeworthy, hilarious, poignant and profound. A worthy and satisfying debut. ~ Karen W.

Ready is a remarkably enjoyable read for both the attached or single gal. At once uplifting and heartbreaking, the book is told through a series of snapshots into the intimate world of modern dating. Offering a honest, vulnerable, entertaining, raw, funny, smart and unique tale(s) of discovering self-love while out there searching for the right someone, Heather has wit and style and knows how to show a reader a good time. I highly recommend snuggling up with a copy of this book. ~ Alexandra L.

Ready is very fun, realistic and a easy read. READ IT NOW! ~ Jennifer S.L.

“Ready “is the vulnerable, brave, and humorous journey of a passionate and spiritual woman who refuses to give up on love. This story will resonate with anyone who has experienced the wackiness of dating as a grown up both online and in the “real world.” Heather Alaine interweaves hilarious scenes of truly silly dating encounters with often gut-wrenching explorations of what love means. A must-read if you’re in the mood to giggle, cry and giggle some more! ~ Anthea C.

Wow! Not only was this book FABULOUS, but I could truly relate to Heather’s personal stories in her journey to become READY. Any woman who has actively looked for real LOVE will sympathize with the humor, endearment, hard work, struggles, awkwardness, and vulnerability in finding our special someone. In her book she also describes her many PASSIONS in life, and how this journey in itself favorably contributed to where she is by the time we get to the end of the journey (last chapter but definitely not the “end” of her journey per se). Additionally, one of her passions is MUSIC, and she was able to create an accompaniment “soundtrack” with each chapter (available on Spotify) – all of which added more FUN and CREATIVITY to keep me turning the pages. ~ Dee

This is one of those rare books that you can’t put down. It’s honest and funny. “Ready” does a wonderful job of depicting heartbreak and the ups and downs of dating and one of life’s biggest challenges – learning about ourselves and what is right for us. Reading this book you definitely feel like you have a friend in the author. ~ Jennifer R.

I found this book difficult to put down and wanted to read just a little more, just a little more. I can relate so well to Heather’s dating stories and journey. These are the real life stories so many of us face these days. I am still looking for my Mr. Right as well, and I will not settle for less than I deserve. Thank you so much for putting it into writing, including the humor and vulnerability, and letting me know I am not alone in this journey. ~ Tammy B.

The memoir of a woman who starts over again after a devastating break-up, this is a book of humor and hope in the face of daunting online (and some real life) dating. I had the pleasure of editing this wonderful book. I also blurbed it and this is exactly what I said: with honesty, humor, and grace Heather Alaine spends a tale of dating in the modern age in READY. And when memoir for any woman who has been on the roller coaster of first dates, this is an immensely readable story of love, forgiveness, and redemption. And it’s funny as hell. This is a book to turn to for a laugh and cry as well as a reminder to be brave enough to try again. I highly recommend! A great gift for close girlfriends or sisters! ~ Katherine R.

This book has its own special charismatic pull. It starts simply enough , with dating stories that are funny and somewhat painfully true for any of us who have done “the online dating thing”. And then it reaches a point where you just don’t want to let go, you want to hug this author, or at least hang out with her for a few hours.. and then it just grabs you by the heartstrings and slams you into the memory of everything you’ve never let go.. then shows you how to it all go with beauty and grace to get to a higher plane. Spiritual, laugh out loud funny, and deeply engaging.. I finished this book in a day and started buying copies for friends! ~ Audie B.

Loved this book! It’s funny, touching and relatable. ~ Ruth M.

This is an incredible book, a fun and too fast read because you just.can’t.stop. It’s that good. Heather is so brave and a witty and heartfelt writer. I felt like I was with her the whole way. I love how she set the chapters to potent songs that now I will listen to with an even closer ear. I wish I had this in my 20′s so we know we aren’t alone on this wild ride finding love. Highly Recommend!! Get one and for all your girlfriends. ~ Nicolette P.

This is one of the honest and hilarious and heart wrenching and inspiring pieces of writing about love that I have read in a very longtime. It intwines the challenges of being modern day single gal and the primal instincts of womanhood that run deep through our primal DNA. This book has deeply moved me. Definitely a page turner. ~ Sasha

I literally couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Such an easy, entertaining read. Well written, unique yet universal, vulnerable and powerful. Loved it. Very inspired. Highly recommended. ~ Jonathon W.

Reviews written anonymously:

I believed in this book before it was even truly begun, and now I believe in it even more. Humour, honesty, vulnerability and great insight.

I couldn’t stop reading this, staying up late in to the night! Heather Alaine reminds me of Elizabeth Gilbert, but without the irritating entitlement.

A fun and relatable story perfect for anyone trying to find love in this modern day cyber dating realm!

Thoroughly enjoyable fun read. Like any good book, it spans the gambit of all emotions. In a relationship? Searching for a relationship? Given up on relationships? This book will speak to you, make you laugh & give you courage!

SO grateful for READY coming into my life. It is a book about LOVE that is one the one-hand, raw, honest, deep, vulnerable, and brave; and, on the other hand, funny, lighthearted and sassy. READY takes you on a rollercoaster of dates and experiences, from this author’s eyes and heart, and even though her stories will be different than yours, she captures you, invites you in, and shares her wisdom and humor in a way that your best friend could. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you feel all the feels. Highly recommend.

So raw, inspiring and entertaining. Readers bear witness to Heather’s journey toward true love/self-love. It’s an emotional roller coaster set to a soulful soundtrack. Highly recommended for chick lit book clubs, women searching for self and those working through a heartbreak. This debut author brings it! Don’t miss out.

I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down! It is such a gift to read the stories of a woman who bares her soul and speaks her truth about relationships, healing and love in a way that is so honest and open. Heather’s writing weaves together a beautiful tapestry of raw emotions, deep insights and the experiences throughout her journey. Heartbreak and pain are not always an easy subject to navigate, but her healing journey through this experience was truly inspiring to witness. Just like in her dance classes, her authentic voice creates a space for women to be open, empowered and a creative and powerful force in the world. I highly recommend this book to honestly everyone, because it is relatable on so many levels of healing, love and connection! Thank you, Heather for sharing this wonderful creation with the world!

A heartfelt book about what it means to be a single woman today and the search for love, READY is good for the soul. Written with empathy and tons of humor, Heather Alaine traces her journey from heartbreak to healing, with many, many hilarious online dates in between. Laugh out loud funny and yet also full of deep thought and feeling, the book is a kind of survival guide for navigating the dating jungle in the 21st century. Reading it felt like having a conversation with a sassy, self-aware friend. Despite its light touch, the book contains many poignant moments and insights that open the reader’s heart and mind to exploring what it is, truly, to be READY.

Bought this book meaning it for a friend and found myself compelled to read it all first! I’m so glad I did! Alaine’s warmth, humor and insight shine through the pages. No matter your own romantic journey, we can all identify with the true journey to loving oneself present in these pages. Such a true gift!

This book flows easily and can be gulped up in one sitting or sipped leisurely without losing track. It’ll make you laugh and break your heart and allow you to trust in the madness and beauty of life. If you’ve ever done online dating you’ll be shaking your head knowingly, and if you haven’t you’ll still be entertained (and perhaps thankful :) ). I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It reminded me, yet again, that we all experience the same feelings even though they may look differently. I am also purchasing this book for friends of mine to enjoy.

Heather Alaine draws you in with her honest, intimate voice. My writing teacher has told me to “write like your audience is your best friend’s other best friend.” This is the first book I’ve read that accomplishes this seamlessly. This book reads quickly, not only because you’re anxious to see what where her next step on her journey will lead, but also because you just want to keep hanging out with her. This book is full of heart. It made me laugh and it inspired me to live life more fully and have faith in love. It’s worth your precious time.

Heather is such a gifted storyteller who brings understanding to complicated human experiences. And I assure you by the end of this journey with her, you will be Ready to carry on life with a beautiful mindset that is fueled with love, courage and compassion.

Heather did a fantastic job and explaining REAL LIFE situations and dating stories. This book makes me feel at ease knowing I am not the only one going through the same stuff in the dating world. Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there and reminding us that we all go through similar things, just at different times.

Beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down!! Would be a perfect gift for anyone.

An authentic and fun look at the dating life of a single 30-something. Spiritual, fun and raw – the author tells it like it is and we travel through her adventures excited to learn more.

My heart fluctuated with every crescendo of a date gone south in Miss Alaine’s soul searching autobiography. We can all relate to loss, pain, triumph, finding our sisters, shedding our skin and growing wings to fly away from the past and forward into the light. I applaud her openness, words of wisdom and challenge for her reader to hold on for the ride. You root for her, wonder why the “date” always has to pump on so much cologne, and watch her dig deep to find what makes her and really, all of us click. If you collect all the female artists’ songs from her chapter titles, you have yourself a mega-empowered playlist, too! Kudos for incorporating “hella” and embodying a true Oaktown woman.

Heather’s openness and honesty shines out from every page. She speaks candidly about the turmoils of modern day dating and the search for love Reading the book I felt her pain, cringed alongside her and laughed with her. The realness of Heather’s writing meant I couldn’t put this gem of a book down.

“Ready” comes from a place of authenticity and intention sprinkled with glitter and sass! The dating stories make you laugh and cringe, sometimes at the same time. Her reflections were raw and emotional; she doesn’t shy away from telling the reader what exactly she’s feeling and it’s refreshing. I enjoyed her book from start to finish and highly recommend!

Ready by Heather Alaine is such an incredible journey into one woman’s search for authenticity and love. Even though this is her story, it speaks to everyone about the importance of relationships, self growth, and self expression! The humor and authenticity at which Heather examines herself and others pulls you into her world. By the end I was so touched by the deepness of her words and the vulnerability she displays in sharing her life. I am so inspired by this woman and encourage others to dive into this book!

Funny, sassy, spirited and insightful, Ready is a humorous and honest look into the crazy world of modern dating. It is well-written, engrossing and entertaining – a great read!

Absolutely witty! Heather takes you through each chapter sharing completely of herself. The experiences she shares, the stories and playlists created, made you feel as if you were not only reading a book, but watching a film with a soundtrack to it. Heather gives meaning to what it is to reflect, learn, and continue on this journey we call life and never stop reaching for your dreams, no matter how much you want to throw the towel in, keep on keepin’ on.

Ready reads like a friend who lets you into the intimate details of her dating life. Engaging and relatable on the spectrum of tears to laughter, the journey our heroine shares in this story is a testament to the Earth mother/girl power/feminine spirit of resilience and faith in love. Through the trials of dating, learning, love and loss, Heather Alaine does not fail to share and honor the most intimate and important relationship of all – the one we build with ourselves on our journey to self love and grounded happiness.

I have NEVER in my life read a book on dating that was so real, so blatantly honest, so funny, and so touching. Heather Alaine’s voice has a relatable, down to earth yet sassy feel in her narrative. I saw myself reflected in her hilarious first date stories, and also her moments of true pain. READY is upfront, bold, and pulses with a rare vulnerability that is incredibly charming!


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