Heather’s Healing

Receiving bodywork from Heather renews my sense of hope and leaves me feeling nourished, grounded and grateful about life.  Heather combines gentle strength with great communication, a sense of humor, and a strong intuition.

~ Natasha S., Teacher

Heather really cares about you as an individual, and takes her time to tailor each massage for maximum results.  The best thing about Heather’s massages is that the heavenly peaceful feeling they impart actually stays with you for the rest of the day, and you can feel the positive effects on your body throughout the week.

~ Kathy M., Teacher

Heather is truly a healer. Her massages ease your body and your soul.  Receiving bodywork from her regularly has made a positive impact on my life, on all levels.

~ Britt B., Owner, Big Vision Consulting

I have had several styles of massage in the past… Now, I stick with shiatsu and Thai (quick note: I find 75 min minimum; that length feels just right to the body).  Dressed in loose clothing, Heather massages the muscles, incorporating stretches throughout – the result: you feel lighter, “longer” and energized. So try this – after Heather massages the first leg, do a quick comparison – the massaged leg feels lighter and longer & the one yet to be massaged feels heavier. After the massage, you will slink away, your muscles loose and happy and mind calm.

Why Heather?  She is passionate about massage & uses her talent to apply what is needed to your body and what your body needs at that time.  She talks to you about what is going on and then takes you on a journey of relaxation & rejuvenation. And the coconut water!  Yum.

~ Karen P, Teacher

Heather’s bodywork transcends traditional massage therapy– she includes her heart, and the light of her soul, into every experience I have spent with her!  She offers her full energy, focus, and presence to my well-being, and has monitored this from both emotional and physiological thresholds from the time I began working with her.  I’ve found myself consulting western medical models less often, feeling a greater knowledge of myself, and heightened ability to attend to my own needs.  In every session she checks in on a variety of mental, social, and physical levels to monitor any changes or areas requiring increased attention, instilling a sense of empowerment and my own self-action.  The personalized bodywork that follows is luxurious, healing, and restorative, feeling like a much-needed gift to myself.  My experience with Heather, and her work, has been transformative, inspiring me to achieve many health and personal goals.

~ Danya M., Medical Social Worker

Heather’s calming and caring presence almost immediately relaxes you even before the massage begins.  She is very attentive to what you need to help your body feel it’s best, just let her know where you may be holding tension, stress or pain and Heather will know just what to do to help loosen those muscles.

If you’re a little self conscious, no need to remove your clothes in shiatsu, though it’s good to wear a tank top so Heather can use a little lotion to massage those lovely shoulders.  Shiatsu is also different in that Heather will move you around, such as move your arm over your chest to get in those nooks and crannies and work out those suborn knots.  Don’t worry though, you wont be doing any of the work, all you need worry about if feeling relaxed and loose.  If you feel at all uncomfortable with anything just let Heather know and she will cater to your needs.

After a shiatsu massage with Heather I feel extremely relaxed and the tension I once felt has melted away.  So lay back and let Heather’s healing hands bring you to fabulous!

~ Kamilah M., Belly Dancer

I met Heather at a local dance fitness studio. I was an occasional massage goer but did not have a set place or schedule to go. I was interested in getting regular massages since between my job on my feet all day, fitness, and my walking commute, my body was starting to feel the effects.

I had never tried shiatsu but was willing to give it a try. Between the assisted stretching, deep kneading, and other parts of the shiatsu bodywork I finally felt relaxed, slightly sore, and calm!

Heather’s techniques with shiatsu have allowed my body to lose some of its chronic tension (esp in my neck, shoulders, back). And of course Heather’s bubbly, positive, energetic attitude is always a delight! I now get regular monthly massages and look forward to every session (both for the massage and a friendly chat!)

~ Avanti G., Optometrist

Going into my first Shiatsu massage, I had no idea that I would leave so relaxed, physically and mentally, especially since it was also my first session with Heather. I’ve taken other forms of massage which were positive, but I really enjoyed the combination of applying pressure to specific points, stretching, and the really cool sweeping motion away from the body felt.

Plus Heather’s energy is very inviting and open, so you instantly feel at home and comfortable, so that you can feel the most out of your massage and forget about tensing up.

I am a body-sculpting and dance fitness instructor, so this is the perfect gift back to my body to help rejuvenate it. I started a few months ago and plan to continue regularly every month, as I’ve seen a positive difference in my body’s response to working out, not just physically, but mentally.

My body always leaves feeling “open” and relaxed, and my mind is at peace. Heather can talk it up with you or not, so whether you like to relax in to conversation or keep in quiet, Heather will do what she does best to create a positive, relaxing space so you can experience a great Shiatsu massage!

~ Gabriela N., Owner, Hipline Dance Studio




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