What To Expect

The Art of Shiatsu

The art of Shiatsu is about supporting the continuous process of keeping the energy in your body, mind & heart in balance.   Literally translated, Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” It focuses on healing with the hands by pressing, rocking, holding acupressure points & stretching.

Heather’s Massages

Heather uses Shiatsu as the base for her work; she blends her bodywork with effective reflexology points & healing craniosacral holds.  She believes that the body has the capacity to heal itself.  Her work is gentle yet deep.

What to expect in a session with Heather:

* Your session will begin with a personalized check-in.

* Clothing is on (please wear a tank top that you don’t mind getting oil on).

* You’ll be on a heated mat on the floor.

* The room will be kept warm to ensure total relaxation of your muscles.

* Relaxing music will be playing to allow your mind to wonder.

* You will receive a coconut water to encourage hydration.

* You’ll leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated, or she likes to call it, “mipsy” (massage tipsy ; ) ).





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