May 5, 2013

Take a moment to reflect on what you’d like to attract into your life to make it more luscious.



April 21, 2013

Wishing you a beautiful moment from this to the next.

Remember to breathe fully & consciously today & take a few moments to walk & explore the beauty that surrounds you.



April 7, 2013



EXPRESS YO’SELF: 7 Ways to Rev Up Your Va Va Voom!

As Luscious Ladies, we want to live our lives to the fullest.  Since la vida is full of ups & downs & everything in between, it is essential to find ways to come back to ourselves–our hearts, bodies & minds–to find balance.  It is an ongoing process, for sure!  Once the basic life necessities that allow us to function (i.e., eatinghydratingsleeping) are taken care of, we can have fun making life even more juicy!

Here are 7 ways you can rev up your Va Va Voom:

  • CLAIM YOUR FLAVOR: Ask yourself, What is my flavor today? While some days you may be feeling like a flavorful cinnamon, another day you may be emoting zippy cayenne.  Whatever flavor you are: own it, love it & flaunt it!  Note:  Flavors can vary throughout the day!  What flavor are you in this moment?
  • SPORT COLORS: When you get dressed, look for clothing & accessories that have colors you are attracted to. Play with color combinations & have fun!  If you like it, rock it! I have found that on grey days, brighter colors really do make the day brighter, too!  It’s like bringing your own inner sunshine to the world.
  • BE CREATIVE: Whether it is a collage, a meal, or your outfit, find ways to express your creativity every day.  You will find inspiration & joy in getting your hands & heart wrapped up in something that makes the creative juices flow!  Let your inner artist out to play!
  • GET YOUR FLIRT ON: That’s right!  Give yourself permission to flirt with yourself, on the dancefloor & at home!  Whenever you pass a mirror, throw a dashing smile or a seductive wink.  Don’t take yourself seriously; yet, take yourself as serious as you possibly can!  Flirt on, mamacitas!
  • SHARE LOVE: Send yourself & others your love.  Whether you want to display a post-it note on your bathroom mirror that claims I’m freakin’ fly & fabulous or you leave a love note with a reminder to breathe on a loved ones desk, find ways to share your love!  Energy begets energy.
  • MOVE IT: Get bodied with Hipline, as moving boosts your mood, energy & moja!  (Yes, you read that right!  Mojo female style = moja!)  Moving is proven to boost your moja, so shimmy it out while you do dishes, try an undulation in the shower & maybe even bust out a little move in the middle of your day.  Shake what your mama (& papa) gave you!
  • JUST CHILL: Wait, didn’t I just tell you to move it?  Yup!  Remember that in order to have energy to give, you also need to give back to yourself. Massage, meditation, pedicure, walk in nature, reading in bed, bubble baths….whatever brings you back to yourself in a rejuvenating way.  Tip: It sometimes helps to plan this into your calendar with a special colored pen; my chill me-time is in turquoise like tropical water.

I am sure that there are a myriad of ideas that we can come up with together to increase our Va Va Voom energy.  We would love to hear them!  Please share your juicy & unique ideas on the chalkboard walls at the studios & let’s see how many Facebook posts we can create on our ideas about enhancing our collective spicy-ness!

With love, shimmies & a pinch of nutmeg,

Heather Alaine

Heather Alaine is an advocate of living with Va Va Voom!  She continues to work on the ‘chill’ component in her life.  She looks forward to sharing her spicy side with you on the dancefloor!  You can find more inspiration on how to Live Lusciously through her website,



March 24, 2013

Trust in the process.



March 10, 2013

Radiant transparency.



March 3, 2013

Blossom delicately, full of strength & beauty.



Whizzing around my neighborhood as Wonder Woman at the age of five, I was living boldly, uninhibited & full of life.

Clad in my lycra Underoos, I was ready to take on the world.  My red camisole, with an enormous yellow gold eagle, was displayed prominently in the front.

The bottoms I sported were a royal blue with brilliant white stars.  I wore my uniform with pride; I also wore it so frequently that my mom had to invest in a back-up pair so that my world of make-believe could continue on forever & ever, ensuring that I could live in my fairytale world as uninterrupted as possible.

My artistic mother made me countless golden tiaras & indestructible bracelets out of a special thick, shiny, gold paper; she even added a red star on the crown so that it was authentic. With these magical additions, I was transformed.

My bracelets deflected bullets.  I was invincible.

My cape (aka security blanket that I slept with), when fastened around my neck, allowed me to soar into the limitless sky.  With outstretched arms, my little feet moved so quickly, it seemed they no longer touched the ground. My view from above was that of a bird looking down mid-flight.

Obviously, I could also choose to ride in my invisible jet when the mission I was on happened to be extra dangerous & the strategical element of surprise was necessary.  Having an older brother meant that this had to employed with some frequency.

My old beat-up jump rope became the Lasso of Truth.  I could catch bad-guys in their lies & force them the tell the truth, making the world a better place.  [What I’d do now for that magic lasso now at the age of 37 in the dating world!]

My adventures were so wondrous & divine, they were, indeed, my reality.

I am sure that many of you beautiful Hipline ladies share a similar tale of fond memories.

As I reflect upon this precious time I spent being Wonder Woman as a girl, I am left as a Wondering Woman now:

  • As an adult, what are your Superheroine powers?
  • How do you unleash your Superheroine powers for the world to benefit from?
  • Are there more Superheroine powers that you are holding within you that you need to find a way to share with the world at large?
  • In what ways can we be sure to continue to be adventurous, strong & creative in our adult lives?
  • How can we help this generation of children be actively involved in the world of creative play & imaginary adventure?  <Pssst!!  I heard from Adele in her Rumor Has It that there is going to be a Shimmy Pop Girls Summer Camp!!  Eeee!>

Let’s all take our next steps forward confidently, taking up our space & fully embracing our inner superpowers for this amazing, beautiful, crazy-a$$ world that is in desperate need of our abundant love & positive energy!

In peace, love & shimmies, Heather

Heather is an advocate of embracing your inner Superheroine & loving life.  She looks forward to sharing the dancefloor with you in Shimmy Pop & Shimmy Pop Toning.  You can find more inspiration on how to Live Life Lusciously through her website,


Cloud Inspiration

February 24, 2013

Wishing you amazing moments of reflection of the beauty around you & within in.


Pink Bursts

February 18, 2013