My Herstory

Heather Alaine, M.A., believes in the power of transformation through movement & massage.  After years of training in ballet, she immersed herself in a myriad of dance forms, including folkloric, modern & hip-hop in college. Upon moving to Oakland in 2000, Heather studied Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing, giving her a new way to move & release.  In her continual quest for deeper knowledge, she became a certified AFPA Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Hipline Dance Fitness Instructor/Trainer.  As an instructor, Heather is loved for her energy, inspiration & positivity.  She can get you to smile & sing while you sweat during her intense dance cardio & strength workouts.

After experiencing the profound benefits from receiving regular bodywork, Heather was inspired to pursue studies at the McKinnon Institute and was instantly drawn to the world of Shiatsu.   She was invited to teach this beautiful art form, and she did so with a focus on self-awareness/connection, meditation/movement & intuition/structure.  Heather has also worked with UC Berkeley as a Health Coach, which entails working with other trainers to create workouts, as well as working 1:1 with clients to help them meet goals and develop positive behaviors in exercise, eating, sleeping, and stress reduction/mindfulness.  Most recently, Heather became a certified hatha yoga instructor.  She currently teaches a Gentle Flow class through UC Berkeley.

She recently became a published author with her book READY, which touches on massage, meditation, and dance as she the journey unfolds with stories of dating and, ultimately, self-love. When she’s not moving or writing, Heather can be found taking photos of flowers & clouds, crafting poems & sipping on champagne with a dear friend or tea with a good book.



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