32 Flavors : Thoughts on Cuteness, Self-Love & Connecting

February 3, 2013

I recently spent the afternoon with my goddess daughter, M, who just turned 5.  I took her to get her nails done, as she & I share the love of glitter & sparkles.

For every time she was asked the questions “What’s your name?” & “How old are you?” she was told 3xs as often “You are so cute!”

M is quite adorable.

What I realized very quickly from our outing, however, was that the message she was receiving solely around her physical appearance was literally on repeat, with the volume turned up all the way to full blast.

It made me wonder about the influence it had on the ideas she was developing about herself as a young girl.

It makes we ponder how all of us, as women, are impacted by all of the comments & images we encounter that feed our perceptions & how we feel about ourselves as women.

As part of the LOVE CLUB at Hipline, we have the opportunity get our glow on & love every sweaty second of it, as we grow healthy & strong.  We are given chances to shimmy, shake & move, spreading love through movement, as we learn to grab our beautiful hips, free our tatas & strut with confidence.  We get to be cute, sassy, silly, fierce, sexy, beautiful, crazy & the rest of our 32 Flavors & then some.  We are provided with moments in our life’s journey in which we get to love & connect with ourselves in profound ways that change us from deep within our core.

As we learn this (continual) art of self-love, we get to share moments with those around us.  Being human is about connecting.  Before class starts, step out of your box & ask the lady next to you what she is reading & compliment her on her brain.  When you are waiting for the WC, let your inhibitions melt away & share with the gal in front of you that you love the artwork on her nails & then ask her how her heart is that day.  <Or perhaps, reverse the order.>  If you find yourself in line at the grocery store with someone you recognize from Shimmy Pop, start up a conversation around the basket full of delicious fruits she is holding.  You have permission to connect.  All you need to do is be you.

Ladies, it is imperative to share that we consciously choose to bring all of ourselves to the dancefloor & to life, with our full, juicy 32 Flavors & then some Mentality.  To strangers who wonder what kind of magic we have.  To the special people who already love us for who we are.  To our fellow Hipliners.  To our lady friends who have yet to experience the Love Club.  To the gentlemen in our lives who wonder what the heck all this Hipline ‘stuff’ is about.  To the children who see what we are doing & emulate it.  To ourselves.

Because, we are so much more than “cute.”

When we walked up the stairs to our apartments, I made sure to exclaim, “Wow, M, you are extremely strong!”  When we did an art project, I told her, “You are so artistic!”  As a former 1st grade teacher, I am sure to ask her what her opinion is & get her to explain her answers to me as well.

I also purchased her a shirt from a local company called Handsome in Pink, which states, “Forget Princess. Call me President.”
While she may not understand the message it portrays, I bet it will give some folks pause & reflection upon reading it, as what they say impacts her self perception & the love she will have for herself as she becomes a woman.>

Wishing you moments of reflection, acceptance, connecting, freedom, softening, love (on repeat) & revealing.

In happiness & health,

Heather is an advocate of love & highly recommends finding ways to embrace & express your 32 Flavors & then some.  You can find more inspiration & information on Living Lusciously as well as working with her one-on-one for personal training & massage through her website, CreateYourOwnBeautiful.com.

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