Live Your Happiness

October 7, 2012

Life happens. Quickly. When we realize this that this is it, moments become more precious & we understand that there is a need to live it fully. It can be tempting to postpone our feelings of satisfaction & happiness for a near- or far- distant dream. Once that car is purchased, once I have a baby, once I go on vacation, once the house is clean. It is so easy to say & live “I’ll be happy when…” More often than not, however, once we accomplish one of these things on our master to-do list, there is another (or multiples!) in it’s place.

What I am proposing to you is to find ways to LIVE YOUR HAPPINESS. Now.

Sounds good, right? How the heck does one go about doing this? Here are some suggestions ; )

First, you need be aware of what makes you happy.

Here are some of the pieces to my happiness puzzle: connecting with my dear ones, sipping spicy chai tea, taking baths with lavender essence, sipping bubbly champagne, eating tasty tapas, getting pedicures with a design on my big toe, breathing consciously, laughing ‘til my belly aches with my besties, listening to music (especially live at Yoshi’s), basking in sunshine like a lizard, baking chocolate chip cookies, an occasional day with nothing planned, writing & receiving real letters, soft sheets with delicious sleep & wearing flowers in my hair.

While we may share some of the same happiness moments, I’m sure you have many of your own as well. Stop reading for a few minutes & jot down a list of what makes you happy on whatever suits you: a piece of scratch paper or pretty stationary or as a Facebook status to inspire others.

(Really, go ahead & write them down!)

Okay, are you ready? Here’s Step 2:
Remind yourself that you are deserving of happiness. Because you are. Truly.
Be sure to repeat this as your mantra as often as needed.

Then, reflect on these thinking questions:

  • How often do I do things to make myself happy?
  • When can I do more of these things that bring me happiness? (Personally, I like to calendar them in like a business meeting or add them randomly in my ‘to-do’ list ; ))
  • Are there any themes or overlaps in my happiness areas?
  • If I were to create a motto or manifesto for living my life based on what brings me happiness, what would it be?
  • What prevents me from doing the things that make me happy at times?
  • Are there any ways to bring my happiness to areas in life that are more challenging for me?
  • Are there any happiness ‘items’ that I can combine when I get really busy? (i.e., sipping champagne while getting a pedicure when I are connecting with a friend. Yes, I’ve done it & it’s quite lovely!)
  • Is there a possibility of taking these moments of happiness over time & connecting them, so that rather than sprinkles of happiness, I can BE MY HAPPINESS?

Ahhh, big breath.  It can be this easy & simultaneously be that hard.  Be aware of what lights your internal fire of happiness.  Know that you are deserving of joy.  Create patterns in your life that will reflect happiness to you with regularity.  Yes, there will be moments or days that you are grumpy.  Of course there will be challenging times ahead.  In light of all that, you can still find ways to be your happiness.

And, when you need an extra juicy reminder, take some big deep loving breaths & put on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” to sing along to!

With joy & giggles, Heather

Heather is happiness lover. You can find more body-love information & inspiration on how to Live Life Lusciously through her website,

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