Life Infused with Cucumbers

September 16, 2012

LIFE INFUSED WITH CUCUMBERS: Finding Ways to Live ‘Regular’ Life like Vacation

Take a moment to imagine your last trip. Let me be more specific, your last vacation-y trip. Where the phone was powered off, there was not a computer in sight & perhaps there was an ocean in front of you, beyond your cute pedicured toes when you opened up your sleepy eyes. You know the one I’m talking about, right? That fantasy turned reality. The one from the pictures in the magazines. That vacation that evokes daydreaming afterwards & you wonder if it ever really happened because it was that good. What is is about vacation that feels so luscious & why does our ‘regular‘ life sometimes feel so polar opposite?

I just had a small vacation to LALA-land recently & it was the first time in a long time that I just relaxed. Seriously. I sat & laid around the pool & beach, with no expectations of anything. My only self-requirement was 5 minutes of meditation each morning to start my day. Then, I returned for a 3-day Craniosacral massage class, which involved very deep stillness & holding. For me, life had slowed waaaaaay down for 6 juicy days.

I have to admit that, even though I absolutely adore the work I do & would not change it for anything in the world, I had a few moments of nervousness about coming “back to life, back to reality,” in which my life was about to jump into quick mode! Wouldn’t you agree that most vacations, towards the end, have a blue-sy feeling when you realize that the vacation elements are about to be left in whatever spot you fly away from & you fear that the tranquility you embraced so wholeheartedly may become a distant memory? It got me wondering what lessons I needed to take with me from this time that I could apply to my everyday life.

I was inspired by my cucumber-infused water. Let me explain:

As you know, I am a huge advocate of staying hydrated! It is so imperative for our energy levels to be maintained as well as to feel that everything within our body-liscious-ness-es (whew!) are operating at their best. However, I have a confession. I must admit that I don’t find it very exciting to drink water. It’s a bit mundane. I just find that I’m not inspired to drink enough of it in it’s plain state. What I discovered when I drank water on vacation by the pool, was what a huge difference a little cucumber made in my H20! It completely changed the flavor & experience! It made me purr, “Ahhhhh!” with a big exhale upon drinking.

It got me thinking even deeper, if a little thing like infusing water with cucumbers makes that much of a positive difference, How can we infuse our lives with simple vacation-y things to make our ‘regular’ life more delicious?

While I invite you to add to this list in ways that work for you, here are some things I came up with to help me live my cucumber-infused life:

  • Drink morning tea without the computer. Sit & sip slowly. Enjoy the moment fully, without distractions & with deep appreciation.
  • Eat more fresh fruits. Mango, papaya, watermelon; the list goes on & on. Cut them up, so that you have easy access for snacking.
  • Bust out the blender more often. In fact, leave it out on the counter so that it reminds you that regular smoothies & occasional piña coladas are calling!
  • Have at least one day a week that you can wake up with your body’s own calling, sans alarm clock. (Side note: I have downloaded Three Little Birds by Bob Marley as my wake-up alarms on my iPhone & have found it has made a world of difference to my waking up with a smile!)
  • Be brilliant & dress in bright colors. The brighter the better! ; )
  • Wear a bathrobe around after you shower just because you can.
  • Rub yourself down with lotion or coconut oil daily. Heck, take a bit of extra time while you do it & turn it into a little massage. Imagine you have all the time in the world!
  • Calendar some time that you do not have anything scheduled & ask yourself simply, “What do you feel like doing in this moment?”
  • Naturally, add cucumber to your water. Also, try mint, lime & any other concoction that sounds delightful to you!
  • Step away from technology more often. Do you really need to check email that often? Really? Think back to the time when folks just had home phones & you had to leave a message. Going back further, don’t you recall the time when answering machines/voicemail did not even exist? That’s right, friends, put the phone down, gently close the computer & step away. It’s gonna be ok! ; )

I encourage you to continue to think back to your last fabulous vacation & meditate on what it was that made it so fabulous. What parts of it can you bring into your life? There really is nothing like a good vacation; it’s like pressing reboot for your body & brain. I recommend thinking about & planning your next vacation in advance, as tickets can be cheaper & then you have something to look forward to! If the tickets are at your fingertips, that makes the beach only toetips away! Most importantly, in the meantime (because, afterall, the ‘meantime’ is really what life is all about!), think about your life as water being infused with cucumber & find ways to apply lusciousness & deliciousness in as many small, simple, meaningful ways as you can!

Live lusciously & mindfully, y’all! You are creating it, moment upon moment.

In peace, health & happiness, Heather

Heather loves finding ways to make life more luscious. As she cruises through life, she realizes it’s more & more about the smaller things that make her happy as well as the connections to heart-felt people like y’all.  You can find more body-love information & inspiration as well as her class schedule  through her website,

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