37 Years of Living

June 26, 2012

As with most things in life, birthdays bring a mix of feelings.  Excitement for a new beginning & celebrations & dates with loved ones.  Wonderment about how quickly life is going.  For me, birthdays are a time for reflection.  What I am happy with?  Where do I go from here in order to live with even more heart?  For, truly, this is it; this moment to the next is all we have.

My theme this day/year is sweet surrender, to trust deeply that life will be as it needs to.  I thought I’d also share with y’all some of my intentions that I have already begun working towards as well:

  • Reach out to friends & family, remembering that while I am strong & independent, it’s nice to allow others to help me.
  • Reach out for my dreams, as they are truly at my fingertips waiting to be actualized.
  • Meditate daily.  Just 5 minutes before I start my day.  And, then, sprinkled in throughout the day, as needed : )
  • Appreciate the opportunities & people around me, as they all have lessons to teach.  When I forget this, ask myself “What is this trying to teach me?”
  • Eat more greens/fruit & drink more straight-up water.  Enough said : )
  • Read more.  Replace reading with some TV time at night.  It’s great in a world that is become so fast & technological to get lost in a book & my imagination.
  • Write my book on dating. It’s gonna be a good one!  If you have a good story you wish to contribute, email me!  ; )
  • Smile & laugh daily.  As much as I can.  Especially those deep belly laughs that feel like an ab workout!
  • Plan a get-away somewhere tropical for my next birthday.

Mmmmm.  Yes, I am happy.  And, I’m excited to find ways to continue to live my life lusciously, with heart & soul filled with love & joy.  A special shout-out to my mama, pops & brother who helped shape me into who I am from birth until present.  Another huge love attack to my dear friends who I would not be complete without. 

And, to y’a'll for being a part of my journey!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.  Truly.

With much love & appreciation,


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