5 Healthy, Happy Lessons from My Pops

June 16, 2012

Whistle, Hum & Sing: My dad is notorious for making all kinds of noises as he makes his way through the day.  While he is not necessarily musically inclined, he loves to let it all out; whistling, humming & singing tunes with or without music playing.  Hmmm, wonder if that’s where I get it from!

Eat well: My dad rotates his foods constantly to give his body the energy it needs.  He makes himself a very hearty breakfast (i.e., egg, yogurt, toast with peanut butter & raw honey, grapefruit & tea) to start his day off right.  He has regular salad & fruit salad with almost every dinner.  A planner to the core, he always knows where & when his next meal is coming.

Make health your lifestyle: My dad has always been my role model for living actively.  In our weekly conversations, I get  updates about the hours upon hours of tennis he plays.  When I go to visit, I am in awe of his morning exercise routine, including 50 push-ups in a row with excellent form!  Fitness for him is not so much a choice, but a lifestyle.  Here, here!

Develop your opinion: My dad is the most well-informed person I know.  He reads so many magazines, books & newspapers as well as watches the news.  He is always thinking & reflecting about what is presented to him.  He then likes to add in his commentary when he agrees or disagrees with the matter on hand, and, of course, always justifies his reasoning!

Capre Diem: My dad has a Carpe Diem attitude.  He tries new things & is making his way down his ‘to-do life list,’ enjoying it thoroughly all the while.   He always reminds me to stop & smell the roses.  Because, after all, life is really about all the small things that bring us joy.

Thanks, Pops, for being such an inspiration to me.  I love you from deep within my heart!

Love, Heather

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