5 Luscious Lessons from My Mama

May 13, 2012

Here’s to all the Mama’s out there, making the world a more beautiful place!  Check out my video “I Got It From My Mama.” Yes, I did…& my Pops, too!

5 Luscious Lessons I got from my beautiful Mama.

Try something new: My mom started ballet classes at the age of 40.

Be adventurous:  My mom moved to Morocco to teach as a single lady in the 60s!

Have compassion:  My mom is one of the most empathetic people that I know.  She has the true desire to understand where others are coming from with different perspectives.

Express creativity:  While my mom had a teaching career & children, she found ways to express herself creatively (home-made Halloween costumes, delish Moroccan meals).  In fact, we just started a once-a-week check-in to encourage & expand the flow of art for both of us!

Stay active:  My mom is always reading & doing puzzles to keep her brain sharp.  She also is a member of her local Y & does pilates, stationary bikes, walking & yoga.

Thanks for the luscious life lessons, Marvelous Mom!

Love, Heather

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