5 Reasons to Gift Mom (& Yourself!) A Massage

May 7, 2012

1. Stay HealthyNew York Times reported a study that found that in just one massage not only did the levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease, but the  number of lymphocytes (white blood cells that are part of the immune system) increased.

2. Create Chemical Changes in Your Brain:
Newsweek shared that massage creates chemical changes from the brain that reduce pain and stress throughout the body.

3. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices
: Massage magazine revealed that Shiatsu massage helped clients make overall better choices for a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise, how to use your body and self-care.

4. Help Soothe Your Muscles
:  Massage can help your tired muscles  feel better and reduce recovery time from hard workouts; it can also help increase your range of motion and flexibility.

5. Find Balance & Harmony
: According to my clients, massage will ”ease your your body and your soul” and leave you “feeling nourished, grounded and grateful about life.”

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