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April 29, 2012

Greetings, Beautiful One!

I am writing to let you know about a few exciting changes happening with Create Your Own Beautiful!

  • First, my website has had a make-over & I’m thrilled to reveal it to you!   I feel that it captures the feel & shares what Create Your Own Beautiful is all about.  Check it out & let me know what you think.
  • Second, if you are a local lady, my schedule at Hipline is changing as of today.  Also, if you are a morning person, I am currently coaching Bootcamps as well! Check it out & calendar some workout time with me!
  • Lastly, I’d love to share with you that I am going to continue Beautify Your Day throughout the week.  I am also going to share with you two other types of writing– Healthy Living & Luscious Living.  Healthy Living will be pieces about health & fitness to keep you up on the latest research & things to think about in regards to your bodacious body.  Luscious Living will be more soul-full writings & musings on life that inspire me.  These pieces will be titled so in the emails you receive & will be coming out about once a month for your pleasure reading : )

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me.  I always love hearing from you!  Feel free to *share* Create Your Own Beautiful with those that would benefit; it’s always beautiful to share the love!

Wishing you a wonderful moment from this to the next…

Hearts, Heather

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