Your Amazing Body: The Heart

June 19, 2011

Your heart is a muscle.  It is SO amazing, that we have to delve a bit deeper into it.  You probably know that it is located in your chest (slightly to the left) and about the size of your fist.  Perhaps you also already realize that your heart pumps blood around your body and is vital to you being alive.

Here are some other fabulous facts about your heart:

* Because your heart is a muscle, you have to exercise to keep it strong, like any other muscle in your bodacious body!

* There are valves that work to keep the blood flowing forward.  Basically, they open up to let the blood move ahead (like a door), and then they close quickly to keep the blood from flowing backward.  The sound of heart beat is because of the opening and closing of these valves.  Pretty cool!

* On average, your heart beats about 30 million times a year!  Go, heart!

* Blood vessels (arteries and veins) are tubes (kind of like straws) that attach to your heart and carry the blood around your body.  If you were to string all of your blood vessels together, they would circle the globe 2 1/2 times!  What??!

* It takes less than 60 seconds to pump blood to circulate to every cell in your body!  Talk about efficiency!

Give your heart the respect it deserves!

Listen to your body; it’s talking to ya!  What’s it saying?

Hearts, Heather

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