Your Amazing Body: Breathing

May 8, 2011

Our bodies do all sorts of amazing things for us, most of which we are not even aware.  Blood is pumped through our veins and arteries, our food is broken down and made into energy to sustain us, our white blood cells work hard to keep us healthy.  The list is seemingly endless.  This month, I’m going to have a Sunday series of Your Amazing Body to remind you that as we cruz through life, we need to give shout-outs to the amazingness of our bodies!

Here are some amazing facts about your breathing:

* Every day, you breathe more/less 21,600 times!  Seems crazy, right?

* Lungs are the ONLY internal organs constantly exposed to the external environment.

* You have many spongy-like things called alveoli that are crucial to the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. There are enough alveoli in just one lung to cover an area roughly the size of a tennis court.  Whaaaat?

* Your left lung is smaller to make room for your heart.  So sweet!

* You can make your lungs stronger with vigorous exercise like Shimmy Pop!

Your breath is dynamic, allowing you to move in all directions.

* Place your hands on your belly.  Notice your belly move up and down.  (Really, do it!)
* Now place your hands on your sides.  See how your ribs expand and release sideways.

* Now close your eyes and focus on the movement that happens lifting the crown of your head up to the sky and then back down towards the earth.

Are you feeling calmer?

Check out this video by the fabulous Nona Jordan on alternate-nose breathing to help with balance:


Be amazed by your amazing body!  Love & appreciate it for all it does!

Hearts, Heather

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