Live Lusciously: Make & Use Intention Cards

April 23, 2011

Hello, Beautiful!

I this finds you amazingly well & full of peace.

One of my favorite morning rituals is picking an Intention Card to set my focus for the day.  While you can buy cards, I believe that making them & writing things that you want to invite into your life is way more powerful.

** We’ll be making Intention Cards as one part of  exploring our self-nuturing rituals during the April 30th BeautyShop. Local Ladies, be sure to register with the special rate of $45 that has been extended to Wednesday, April 27th (After April 27th, $60). **

As with creative things, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’  Here are some creating suggestions:

* Buy/collect materials (small cards in your fav color, stamps, images from magazines, fun colored/sparkly pens).

* Meditate with the intention of allowing what you need to present itself.

* Chose words that you want to manifest (I recommend using verbs or nouns.).

* Be as creative as you want with creating the look of your card, remembering it’s about the message for yourself.

After created them, you can use them in various ways.  Here are my ideas:

* Pull one each morning before or after you meditate.

* Chose one whenever you are inclined & wait for it to manifest.

* Place it where you will see it (night-stand, car, fridge, bathroom mirror, computer).

* Share them with a friend who needs one.

* Use your word as you mantra throughout the day.

* Pull one before you go to sleep at night.

Happy creating & manifesting your luscious life!

Hearts, Heather

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