7 Self-Nuturing Rituals

April 17, 2011

Hello, Fabulous Friend,

I hope this finds you amazingly well!

Life is busy.  I hear ya!  I feel ya!  I get it!

However, adding in some simple, juicy, self-nuturing rituals will allow you to live your life lusciously!  See which ones speak to you and find a way to infuse them into your life.

We’ll be exploring all of these rituals during the April 30th BeautyShop.  Early registration fee is $45 (After April 24th, $60).

1) Meditate or sit still upon waking (even if it’s only 3 minutes!)  This can help ease your transition from dream-time to awake-time.

2) Upon getting out of bed, stretch yourself into your day.  Take the time you need for yourself first by coming into your body!

3) Take time to sit and eat breakfast. Show up for yourself and enjoy your company.

4) Write.  Free-flow your thoughts and/or dreams with 3 pages, writing quickly anything that pops into your mind.

5) Do something creative.  It may take shape as dance, painting, singing, cooking.  It could be as simple as a 3 minute sketch or 5 minutes to write a poem.  Find a way to keep your creative juices flowing!

6) End your day with rubbing your feet with some quality lotion.  Thank them for taking you to all of your destinations and supporting you.

7) Take a bath with special bubbles or a yummy bathbomb.  You may want to take in a glass a champagne to celebrate how fabulous you are!

I’m so exicted to explore self-nuturing rituals more in-depth with some of you lovely local ladies during the April 30th BeautyShop.  Early registration fee is $45 (After April 24th, $60).

Want to share your self-nurturing rituals?  I always love hearing from you!

Hearts, Heather

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