Life’s Rollercoaster: Thoughts on the Ups & Downs

April 10, 2011

Hello, Fabulous Friend!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying life.

I like to tell new folks that come to my dance classes that it’s a bit like a rollercoaster.  You come in with butterflies in your stomach, excited for the ride, yet nervous.  As we warm-up to the mellow part, we wonder what is coming next, trying to anticipate.  Slowly (or sometimes quickly), we climb higher and higher with each dance.  Then, we hit the top, crazy cardio, which is the height of it all!  This is the place where I encourage folks to really throw their hands up!  Scream from deep within!  Laugh hysterically!  Don’t care about what you look like; just be 100% raw and real.  Let it out!  Whew!  Then, we bring it down with some strengthening and stretches, as the rollercoaster car you are in pulls into the station to let you off, leaving you wondering what in the world just happened.  Yet, somehow, with breath coming quickly and tears in your eyes, wanting more.

Life is also a rollercoaster, with ups and downs.  A bit less predictable than a dance class, perhaps, but for sure a crazy ride!  Sometimes, life’s rollercoaster goes up and down.  Sometimes, it even makes a loopty-loop, taking you upside down, hair standing on end, blood rushing into your face, and you wonder how in the world you got into this position.  Then, you are flipped back around and endure halting, with sudden and sporatic pauses, making your body jerk forward and back.  Do you laugh?  Do you cry?  Do you want to throw up?  Other times, this life rollercoaster goes way too fast and makes you realize that you have no control at all over what is happening.  It’s fun.  It’s scary.  It’s crazy.  It’s such a myriad things, bringing up so many emotions.  Sometimes, you feel like you just want to get off the ride.  However, usually when it’s over, you want to go again.

In life’s “up” moments, be sure to appreciate them fully.  Breathe into the beauty of each moment.  Find those little things that are making it special and be thankful.  From deep within your heart.

In life’s “down” moments, try to appreciate them fully.  Know that they will help you to make a change that will be better, even when the process does not always feel that way.  Breathe into the challenge of those moments.  Breathing, using your life force, always helps.  Find the little things that are special for you and see if you can infuse them more into your life.  Use these moments as opportunities to get in deeper to your heart.

Be gentle to yourself.  Be kind.  See if you can soften rather than become hard.  Find connections.  Breathe even deeper and more fully.  Find lightness and laughter.

Find your inner cheerleader, like this little girl, and give yourself some affirmations!


Wishing you a wonderful week, full of love, softening, laughter, and cheers!

Hearts, Heather

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