What’s in a Name?

April 5, 2011

This photo represents my thrill over the growth happening with Create Your Own Beautiful.  Joyous, appreciative, excited.

The translation of the tattoo on my shoulder is Beautiful Flower.  It acts as a reminder that, like a flower, life unfolds on it’s own time.  You cannot force the bud; it will open naturally when it is ready.  It represents letting go  and surrendering into life, with deep trust and faith.  This is beautiful.

I am currently seeking a name for the daily inspiration emails I send out, that include a photo from my Beauty Photo Project 365 and a quote or my thoughts that accompany it.  I want the name of these emails to represent what they are.  I have been LOVING the creativity and thoughtfulness of the ideas that have come in already!

Let me know your ideas!  I will be giving a FREE month access to CYOB Home WorkOuts to the winner! I will also be sending ALL of you who reply a free ab-tastic video to strengthen your core!

What’s in a name?   You help me decide!

Much appreciation & love,


p.s.  Lovely Local Ladies, remember to sign up for BeautyShops now!  You may even want to invite a fabulous friend to take it with you!  Space is limited!

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