Women in Advertising: How We’re ALL Affected

March 6, 2011

Hello, Beautiful Friend,

I recently wrote a piece about Nike doing campaigns that I liked about women’s bodies.  I had an interesting conversation with a friend afterwards that really got me to thinking more about this.  Yes, the women that are portrayed are strong, but they do all have smaller frames.  What message does that send us?  What about including advertising for different shapes and sizes?

Yesterday, I saw a video from Jean Kilbourne, who had done a lot of work around the portrayal of women in the media.  Messages affect us more than we consciously know!


We need to be conscious about the advertising that comes at us.  We need to be reflective about the underlying and overt messages.  We need to change the conversation.  We need to Create Our Own Beautiful and be proud that we are all unique and have different definitions, concepts, and realities of what is beautiful.

What do you think?

In reflection & with much love, Heather

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