Lessons in Challenging Times

February 28, 2011

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Beautiful Friends,

I hope this finds ya’ll well in this moment.

As we have all experienced, life presents us with challenges.  It could be as small as not finding parking to as big as loosing something that means the world to us.  We sometimes have to curl up and be sad about these hard times.  It’s a needed part of a process.  Not always fun to go to this place, but necessary.

I am a firm believer that we play a big part in choosing the attitude with which we approach things.  We can see the same situation as a disaster or an opportunity.  Absolutely.

Whatever is going on, I think the most important lesson is that you are yourself authentically and that you allow yourself to be true to what comes up for you.

What I have found that happens if you don’t, is that it finds a way to reside in your body.  It can creep behind your heart.  Hang out in your shoulder blade.  Get nice and nestled in your hip.  We  do not want this in our bodies; it does not serve  us.

Painting, dancing, running, singing, writing, cleaning are all ways that you can focus and channel that energy.  Let it run through you and out you.


My dad has offered me these words of advice during challenging times:  Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining.

When you go through challenges, you gotta ride out the storm as if it were a rollercoaster and find beauty in the lessons along the way.

Wishing you moments of trueness to yourself…


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satsumaart February 28, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Wise words as always, Heather! One of my dearest friends was going through some craziness recently, and she kept apologizing for “being a downer.” I told her if you’re sad, be sad; if you’re angry, be angry; feel whatever you feel and it’s okay! There’s a lot of pressure on women to be pleasant and nice all the time, but sometimes we just need to feel the negative stuff too, and it can be helpful to be reminded that it’s all part of living.

Love to you. :)


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