Unleash Your Inner Superheroine/hero!

January 24, 2011

This photo is of me and my older brother, Brett. It was taken in our front yard in Spain, the place of many fun adventures.

Whizzing around my neighborhood as Wonder Woman at the age of five, I was living lusciously, uninhibited, and full of life.

Clad in my lycra Underoos, I was ready to take on the world.  My red camisole, with an enormous yellow gold eagle, was displayed prominently in the front.  The bottoms I sported were a royal blue with brilliant white stars.  I wore my uniform with pride; I also wore it so frequently that my mom had to invest in a back-up pair so that my world of make-believe could continue on forever and ever, ensuring that I could live in my fairytale world as uninterrupted as possible.

My artistic mother made me countless golden tiaras and indestructible bracelets out of a special thick, shiny, gold paper; she even added a red star on the crown so that it was authentic. With these magical additions, I was transformed.

My bracelets deflected bullets.  I was invincible.

My cape (aka security blanket that I slept with), when secured around my neck, allowed me to soar into the limitless sky.  With outstretched arms, my little feet moved so quickly, it seemed they no longer touched the ground. My view from above was that of a bird looking down mid-flight.

Obviously, I could also choose to ride in my invisible jet when the mission I was on happened to be extra dangerous and the strategical element of surprise was necessary.  Having an older brother meant that this had to employed with frequency.

My old beat-up jump rope became the Lasso of Truth.  I could catch bad-guys in their lies, and force them the tell the truth, making the world a better place.  [What I’d do now for that magic lasso now at the age of 35 in the dating world!]

My adventures were so wondrous and divine, they were my reality.

As I reflect upon this precious time I spent being Wonder Woman, I am left wondering:

  1. As an adult, what are your Superheroine/hero powers?  How do you unleash them for the world to benefit from?
  2. How can we help this generation and future generations of children be actively involved in the world of creative play and imaginary adventure?
  3. In what ways can we be sure to continue to be adventurous and creative in our adult lives, keeping in mind that this will look differently for each of us?

Let’s all take our next steps forward fully embracing our inner superpowers!

Photo taken by Britt Bravo from the window of Hipline, where I teach fun Shimmy & Power Pop classes!


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