January 9, 2011

Hi, Beautiful Friends,

In the fall, folks in Birmingham experienced some graffiti on one of their bridges.  This particular graffiti, in big capital letters read: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! The mayor shared that he thought it was a beautiful message that should be replicated throughout the city.  I LOVE it!  I beautiful reminder for so many to experience!

Speaking of beautiful, if you are a Facebook fan, be sure to link to my new page, Create Your Own Beautiful.  I am using it as a space to share ideas and images of what beauty means to me.  It is based on the notion that we are all unique, so my hope and dream is that other folks will share what beauty means to them as well to inspire others.

[An aside:  I find graffiti art to be beautiful!  See below for a few pics I took in Brasil.  If you do not receive photos with this email, click here.  Also, if you like graffiti art and are into cool documentaries, I recently really enjoyed a flick called Exit Through the Gift Shop.]

Okay, ya’ll, have a beautiful day and spread your happiness, love, and beauty with those around you!

Mantra: I am radiating beauty, from deep within my heart.

In peace,


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