Manifesting Goals

January 3, 2011


Worksheet posted by Britt Bravo

Happy 2011, Fabulous Friends!

I hope this finds ya’ll starting off the year in a smooth and beautiful way!

There is a buzz of excitement around the new year, which stands for new beginnings.  The promise of newness feels nice, doesn’t it?  Resolutions are fresh.  Intentions run strong.  Change feels tangible.

That said, we have to admit that habits are hard to make and easy to break.  How can we be help ourselves to manifest what it is that we want in our lives?

Some ideas to help:

* Put dates in your calendar with what you want to actualize

* Find a buddy who’s on the same page you can check in with

* Keep a journal of your progress

* Leave post-it notes around your house

* Make an art piece that you can hang up to remind you of your goals

You can also fill out these amazing goal sheets, designed by Britt Bravo’s husband.  Britt has been an incredible force in helping me manifest my goals into reality!   She is currently offering a special of $20.11 off one-hour of Big Vision Consulting when you use the discount code DREAMTREE2011.  Be sure to register between now and January 11, 2011!

This year, some of the goals I’d like to manifest are around keeping my gas tank more full, so that I can live and give from a place of fullness in my heart.

I invite you to take a look at my new self-loving commitments and make some of your own.

* 1st of the month = bubble bath with special bath bomb from Lush and glass of champagne to celebrate newness to act as a reminder of the New Year’s buzz to be carried throughout the year

* One Sunday/month = mellow fiesta with tapas at my place to connect with good friends

* Nightly = foot rubs with Body Time lotion

* Weekly = go to someone else’s movement class (yoga, dance, etc.)

* Daily = write 3 pages in the morning and stretch before leaving my house (this one is being restarted, as I was doing it regularly after my last birthday and then stopped somehow)

Alright, friends, create your goals and allow your dreams to come true!

Happy new year!  Happy new month!  Happy new day!  Happy new moment!

In bubbles, newness, and with lots of love,


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