I Feel Like a Bird…Flying

December 13, 2010


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Hello, Beautiful Friends,

I hope this finds ya’ll phenomenally well!  Feel free to take a moment here to breathe deeply.  If you didn’t feel the release on this first conscious breath, no worries:  simply take another.  And, another.  Take as many as you need to until you feel a centered groundedness within yourself.  Invite it in.  Ahhhh.  Nice.

I’d like to share a story with ya’ll about a valuable life lesson about letting go of judgment.

Back in the day, I used to teach dance to kids in public schools in San Francisco.  When I first began, there was one particular six-year old that had challenges with basic locomotor movement.  Skipping was awkward and galloping was just not happening for him.  I remember noting to myself mentally that this child did not ‘get it.’

As a ritual at the end of my class, to calm and prepare them to go back, I had the students lay down while I talked them through a relaxation.  Starting with the top of their heads, I encouraged them to feel the heaviness of the back of their heads sinking into the ground, allow their eyes to soften, their mouths relax.  I proceeded to guide them down their bodies all the way down to their feet, before having them roll to their sides and slowly roll up to a standing position to end class.

As the students lined up for their classroom teacher, the student who I had made note of approached me with a sparkle in his eyes and shared in a voice of sheer excitement, “Ms. M., I felt like a bird…flying.”


I felt like a bird…flying.  This is what it is all about.

I thanked this student for sharing, realizing in my heart and head that this six-year old had just taught me a valuable lesson in realizing that we are all on our own journey, taking our own steps, whatever they may look like.

In dance and body experiences, it is essential to let go of our judgements; some of which come directly from ourselves.  The focus needs to be on moving from our hearts and merely letting our bodies follow along for the ride.

Let’s enjoy this journey, my dear friends!  Let’s be sure to breathe along the way; we can fly a little higher that way.

Mantra:  I am moving forward from my heart.

In peace, Heather

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satsumaart December 13, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Love it! So important to remember the journey looks different for everyone. :)


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