Water & Your Body

November 1, 2010

Incredible Exercisers,

I hope this finds y’all healthy & happy!

Last week, I got into a conversation with a few of y’all around hydration.

Let’s keep this simple.  Here’s are the images:

* Imagine a swamp.  Stagnant, slightly smell.  Yuck!

* Now, visualize a river flowing towards the ocean.  Yay!

Which one do you want in your body?

Stay hydrated, ya’ll!

Want more info on water & your body?  Check out earlier blogs:  Drink Up!Life Infused with Cucumbers, H20,  Elecro-WHAT?  Electrolytes! Clearly, I heart this topic and can’t stress the importance of it enough!

Mantra:  I am making healthy choices for myself.

In peace, Heather

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