To Push or Not To Push?

August 30, 2010

Work It Out with me this week!

Monday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Tuesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop!

Wednesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  POWER Pop

Friday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Friday 7:00pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop Club REmix Party!

Sunday 9:15 at Hipline.   POWER Pop

Sunday 10:30 at Hipline.   Shimmy Pop!

Please note: There will be no class on Labor Day.  Also, there will be scheduling changes at Hipline starting September 6th (next week)!


Dear Fabulous Friends,

I hope this finds ya’ll embodying your fabulousness in this moment!  That’s right, YOU are FABULOUS!  Accept it, embrace it, breathe it, believe it, BE it!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about limits in terms of pushing ourselves during work outs (and life in general).  There is a time to be push and a time to back off.  So the question becomes To Push or Not To Push?

During workouts, it is imperative to push ourselves hard in order to see results.  That said, it is also crucial to not push too hard.  That sounds kind of confusing, and there is most def some grey area in this giving of energy.  It all goes back to listening to our bodies and taking ourselves just a little bit beyond where we think we are.  But, not too far.  Hmmmm.

When I was in Mexico, I took a stretch class by a big muscle man.  He had us go into full stretches from the start, with the full splits being the 2nd item on his agenda.  I could have very easily pushed too hard and found myself injured.  Fortunately, I know my body really well and knew that I was going to need some time to limber up before doing that!  You know your body, too; better than anyone else, so listen to it!  In this case, TO NOT PUSH would be the correct answer!

During this trip, I also witnessed a limbo contest that provided me with some heart-felt, belly-aching laughter.  While some folks that participated in it already did not have the best body awareness, the latter was even more impaired by some alcoholic beverages.  I have to say that I was fearful that someone was going to get hurt; since they didn’t, it was all hilarity.  My favorites were: the man who limboed under the bar, realized that while he had his lower half of his body under, his head was about to be severed, so he paused, Matrix style, not going backwards or forwards before collapsing.  My other favorite is what I have come to call “The Roadrunner,” where (and, I’m still not sure how this was even executed) the man bent backwards from the starting point and ran full speed ahead at the bar.  Needless to say, though I’ll say it anyway, he did not make it.  Again, another lesson in knowing your body and it’s limits!  The answer: TO NOT PUSH, again, unless you are providing entertainment in a way that you don’t get injured.

Last week, I was able to see many of ya’ll pushing it in ways that served your body to go beyond what it normally does in safe ways to help you to grow.  I saw one of you do an amazing job of pushing it to highest weight on the calf machine (405 pounds!  Whew!  GO, Chris!).  I saw another one of you flying on your saches, giving it all you had, literally flying through the air.  I witness many of you swirling and shimmying your hips like never before, creating your own personal quakes.  These are examples of taking your body up just a notch to push those limits in a good way, a flexible way, a letting-go-and-being-amazed-by-yourself-way!  Find ways to PUSH to get yourself to that next level of fitness, of freedom, of letting go and going for it!

So friends, contemplate:  How can you be sure to listen to your body?  In what ways can you add a bit of a push to your workouts and light a little fire under your booty?

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas?  Feedback?  HOLLA at me via email and share your thoughts!

Peace and love, ya’ll…

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