Rebooting with a NAP

August 16, 2010

Work It Out with me this week!

Monday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Tuesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop!

Wednesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  POWER Pop

Friday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Friday 7:00pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop Club REmix Party!

Sunday 9:15 at Hipline.   POWER Pop

Sunday 10:30 at Hipline.   Shimmy Pop!


Fabulous Friends,

I hope finds ya’ll relaxed and rejuvenated in the moment.

Since my last writing on our bodies as our personal ecosystems, I have been thinking more about how we can reboot our bodies and minds when they get stuck.  Just like a computer that is having issues, sometimes the best thing to do is power off and reboot.  I’m not a tech-savy person, so I’m not sure exactly why this can work, but it has something to do with taking the computer out of the endless loop it’s gotten itself into.  For us, it’s like having monkey mind, where thoughts keep repeating and we can’t actually move ourselves forward in a productive way. 

While the things we do to reboot may be different, since we are all unique people; the idea is to figure out what you need to do for yourself in those annoying moments where your personal cursor is spinning around and around and there is no hope of being able to click to the next page.  Maybe your reboot is one of the following:  meditation, walking, standing on your head/hands, getting a pedicure/massage.  What else do you do?  Well, how about my new favorite that I am trying to find a way to work into my life: NAPPING!

Here are some interesting tidbits:

* According to, ’power nap’ translates to more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health!  Sounds like we all could use these benefits!

* 15-30 minutes is recommended in terms of getting the benefits without getting that groggy feeling waking up.  You can also really good benefits from an hour, but you have to know your sleep cycles and catch it at the end of one, to avoid that weird feeling.

* Afternoon naps are more beneficial than morning naps (about 8 hours after waking).

* If you don’t have time, just closing your eyes for 5 minutes and being still has benefits to help ya as well!

Have a beautiful week, ya’ll!  Wishing you a few moments each day of some kind of rebooting to keep ya feeling more refreshed, present, and lively!

In peace, Heather

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