Life Infused with Cucumbers

July 26, 2010

Hello, Fun, Fitness Friends!

It is so lovely to be back from an amazingly beautiful trip to Mexico!  I cannot remember the last time I was more relaxed.  Seriously.  I sat and laid around, with no expectations of anything, drinking water infused with cucumbers.  My only self-requirement was morning yoga (I’m doing 35 days, no excuses, that began on my 35th birthday.)  Big shout-outs to Nye and Helen, my lovely ladies I had the privilege of spending quality time with!

I have to admit that I a few moments of nervousness about coming “back to life, back to reality,” as most vacations have that blah feeling when the vacation elements are left in whatever spot you fly away from and your tranquility seems to be a distant memory.  I was able (thanks to my yoga!) to catch myself in these moments and return to the present to just absorb the sun, soak in the relaxation, and dip my toes into the refreshing pool.

I was also inspired by my cucumber-infused water.  Let me explain:

I know the importance of drinking water.  When I started to get deeper into fitness, I discovered  how imperative it is to drink enough (i.e., 8 cups a day, sometimes a bit more when I sweat like a maniac in Shimmy Pop!) for my energy level to be maintained as well as to feel that everything within my body is operating at it’s best.  However, I must say that I don’t find it very exciting to drink water.  It’s a bit mundane.

So, when I drank water on vacation from the pool-side bar, I could not believe how much of a difference that little cucumber made in my H20!  It completely changed the flavor and experience of my water and, thus, my hydration!

It got me to thinking, if a little thing like infusing water with cucumbers makes that much of a positive difference, How can I infuse my life with simple vacationy things to make my ‘regular’ life more delicious?

Here are the things I came up with to help me live my life infused with cucumbers:

* Drink morning tea without the computer.  Sit and sip slowly.  Delish!

* Eat more fresh fruits.  Cut them up, so that they are easy access for snacking.

* Bust out the blender.  Pina coladas and smoothies are calling!

* Be brilliant and dress in bright colors.

* Step away from technology more often.  Do you really need to check email that often?  Really?  Please, think back to the time when folks just had home phones and you had to leave a message.  And, can you recall the time when answering machines/voice mails did not exist?  That’s right, friend, put the phone down, gently close the computer, and step away.  It’s gonna be ok!

* Wear a bathrobe around after you shower just because you can.

* Rub yourself down with lotion daily.  Heck, take a bit of extra time while you do it and turn it into a little massage.

* Calendar some time that you do not have scheduled and ask yourself simply, “What do you feel like doing in this moment?”

* Naturally, add cucumber to your water.  Also, try mint, lime, and any other concoction that sounds delightful to you!

Please note:  We are all different and unique, so what I found on my journey that makes vacation special may be different for you.  I encourage you to think back to your last fabulous vacation and meditate on what it was that made it so fabulous.  I also highly recommend booking your next vacation in advance, as tickets are cheaper in advance; plus, then you have something to look forward to!  The tickets are at your fingertips, which makes the beach only toetips away!

My SUMMER SPECIAL is being extended to August 9th, so get it while it’s hot and let me help you create your own beautiful!  You’re worth it!

Wishing you sweetness, flavor, and peace,


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satsumaart July 27, 2010 at 4:04 am

Love it! I’ve come to similar conclusions myself, most recently that I also need to wear brighter colors. :) Hope you manage to hang on to that lively vacation feeling as much as you can!


viewpacific August 9, 2010 at 5:41 am

Great, inspiring blog!

I haven’t tried cucumbers in my water, yet I love the idea of infusing life with little vacation moments.
Okay, maybe it helps I live in San Diego so don’t have far to go for an ocean swim.
I hearly recommend it and have put it into action several years ago – and it works!
Here are some things I wrote about it a few years ago:


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