Mantra: Gratitude

June 27, 2010

Work It Out with me this week!

Monday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Tuesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop!

Wednesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  POWER Pop

Thursday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop!

Friday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights

Friday 7:00pm at Hipline.  Shimmy Pop Club REmix!

Saturday 10:30am at Hipline.  POWER Pop

Sunday 9:15 POWER Pop & 10:30 Shimmy Pop!  July 4th EXTRAVAGANZA!  Come create your own fireworks!

Shimmy Pop = Cardio Dance     POWER Pop = Strength       Hipline = Ladies Only


My dearest, most fabulous fitness friends,

Today is my birthday.  35.  Wow.  It’s crazy this thing called time; it goes too fast in certain ways and seems way too slow in others.  What a trip along this roller coaster of life!

While there are many lessons that we learn along the way, I think one of the biggest and most real for me has been that of GRATITUDE.  I am so thankful for what I have: amazing people in my life, my health, my body that serves me in so many ways, flowers, music that inspires.  The list goes on and on…

Recently, I’ve been using my gratitude as a block.  You may be thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?”  Well, friends, let me share.

When you do a martial art, it’s not just about the kicking or punching.  In fact, some folks would say what is even more important is the way you defend yourself.  When sparring, you often times find yourself in a situation where you have to put your arm or leg up to block your opponent (even if it’s a friend).  You block to protect.

In our busy worlds and busy minds, it can become easy to get lost in our thoughts.  I find that sometimes, one thought leads to another then another and you can end up wondering how you got there.  This is not always be the best for our minds and our hearts.

So, I’ve been practicing what I’m calling my ‘Gratitude Blocking.’  Every time I have a thought that does not feel productive, I block it with gratitude.  For example, I may think ‘My car is so old, I’d really like a new one” (which could then lead into the danger zone of “But I can’t get one, because I can’t afford it”) is blocked and changed into “GRATITUDE!  I am so thankful I have a car that gets me to all the places I need to go!”  Another example would be thinking, “I can’t believe I have not found my partner yet.” (which could then lead into the unserving thoughts of “I’m getting older.  Will I ever find him?  Why haven’t I found him?”) gets blocked and transformed into “GRATITUDE!  I am so happy that I have time to do things for myself and explore life in unexpected ways!  And, I can’t wait to meet him when the moment is right!”

Sometimes, the Gratitude Block can be specific to the thought you have, sometimes it is not.  You can just start mentally listing all the things that you are happy for in your life.  I have also found that sometimes simply thinking or saying the word “GRATITUDE” is enough.

Wishing you moments upon moments filled with gratitude…

I’m off to make grapes into champagne (well, not really, but I will enjoy some of the latter)!

Love, Heather

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satsumabug July 1, 2010 at 7:13 pm

Just read this — happy belated birthday!! :) I’ve used the gratitude block too. When I was working at the literacy center in LA, there was one particular day when I had lots of stuff lined up that I really didn’t want to have to deal with. I got in the shower and went through every single gripe, no matter how petty, and turned each one into a good thing. It’s all about perspective, right? The bad things were all still there… but after doing the gratitude block I could see the good things too. :) Hope you had a smashing great birthday and a fabulous week!!! I’ve been at a writing residency since the evening of your b-day and it’s craziness!


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