Slowing D-O-W-N While Going Fast

April 18, 2010

Work out with me this week!

Monday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance/Circuit Weights/Kickbox!  Join for 2 or 3 segments.

Tuesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies~ Shimmy Pop!

Wednesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies ~ POWER Pop!

Thursday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies~ Shimmy Pop!

Friday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights!

Saturday 10:30am at Hipline.  Ladies ~ Shimmy Pop!


Howdy, Beautiful Beings,

I hope this finds ya’ll well!

This weekend, after teaching and feeling shimmy-pooped, I sat in an outdoor cafe to grab a bite to eat.  I had worked out so hard and had such a long week, that all I wanted and could do was sit there.  I watched people go by, noticed the sky, ate my food slowly, and just sat.  It made me think about the summer when I had time to do this almost daily.  It made me reminscent about growing up in Spain and sitting in cafes with my family, especially my mom, drinking tea.  I was completely absorbed in the moment that turned into another moment.  I sat there with no agenda or expectations.  Just me, breathing, thinking about how it is so easy to get going so quickly and stop paying attention.  I sat so long, that before I knew it, over an hour had past and I had to run to my car to be sure I didn’t have a parking ticket.  I put more change in to the meter so I could go back to finish my tea and my thoughts.

While I was sitting, a woman with her daughter commented on how long it was taking to get the bill.  I shared that I thought they were trying to create the Spanish ambiance of the cafe to get folks to slow down.  She shared that she stopped doing that once she had kids.  I smiled and wondered what my excuse was for not living more slowly more often.  Our society goes so quickly, and we are like little fish, going with the current of it.  (Sometimes we are even salmon, swimming upstream.)  Only, it seems lately that the stream has picked up momentum and is going real fast!  We are moving our little tails and fins so quickly to keep up, that we are not even noticing that we are completely surrounded by water.

We need to consciously remember just like fish are surrounded by water, we are being embraced by the air around us.  All we need to do is breathe.  Then, we can be more mindful of the moments and beauty around us.  Our bodies are constantly doing amazing things–walking, dancing, pushing blood to all of our body parts, healing, giving us warnings, responding to the air and food we fill it up with.  There are flowers blooming and grass pushing up through the cracks in sidewalks.  We just need to breathe and look around.  In our journeys, we need to continually find ways to slow down and pay attention.  Our challenge becomes one of figuring how how to slow d-o-w-n while we are going so fast!

Wishing you a wonderful week…

With a deep breath and appreciation for being,


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Britt Bravo April 18, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Beautiful post, chica!


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