The Power of the Plank

April 12, 2010

Work out with me this week!

Monday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance/Circuit Weights/Kickbox!  Join for 2 or 3 segments.

Tuesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies~ Shimmy Pop!

Wednesday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies ~ POWER Pop!

Thursday 5:15pm at Hipline.  Ladies~ Shimmy Pop!

Friday 5:30pm at IOF.  Urban Dance Kick/Circuit Weights!

Saturday 10:30am at Hipline.  Ladies ~ Shimmy Pop!


Hello, Fabulously Fit Friends,

How are you doing??  How’s the body?  Your mind?  Your heart?

I just wanted to give ya’ll an awesome power move for your workouts: The Plank!

Here’s how ya do it:  Get into a pushup-like position, forearms on the ground.  Be sure your shoulders are lined up with your elbows and that your spine is in natural alignment (no arching or dropping those hips!).  Be sure you are breathing, and consciously pulling your belly button back towards you spine.  Are you breathing?  Be sure you are, and also keep your neck in line with your spine and neutral.  Hold it as long as you can, anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute.

Too hard?  You can hold a push-up position instead while you build strength.

Want more of a challenge?  Well, variety is the spice of life, friends, and in order for your body and mind to be engaged, it’s important to switch things up!  Here are some options:

* Try lifting one leg and holding, then another leg, then an arm, etc.

* You can also step your feet out (right) out (left) in (right) in (left) which will help access more lower abs.

* You can also hold your plank with your feet up on a big ball or your feet up on an incline (like a bench).

* In addition you could try to pull one leg/knee up to your belly and/or out to the side.

* You can also jump your legs in and out of a jack.

Please note, if you do any of these challenges, be sure your form is still there!  Good form and consistency will get you to the next level!

Feel free to watch this short video that I did for Blogher’s The Juice last year and see me demo a basic plank towards the end of the episode.

Have a beautiful week, and happy planking!  Don’t forget to breathe!

Thoughts/questions/ideas, let me know;  I love hearing from you!

In peace,


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