February 28, 2010


Dear Fitness Friends,

What an amazingly beautiful day here today!  Sunshine really makes life feel alive!

Another force of nature that does wonders is water.  When you think about how our body composition is mostly comprised of water, it is no surprise that we need to constantly be drinking water to stay hydrated.  It’s estimated that we need about 8 cups of liquids a day (that’s in addition to the liquid we get from our food).   Think about how sad and droopy plants become when you forget to water them, and then imagine your body this way.  We are not camels, ya’ll!  Drink up!

In addition, water can be very beneficial for the sore body in terms of a nice, hot bath.  Adding epsom salt is a great healer as well!  Try to stay in for a good 15-20 minute soak to get the full benefits.  Heck, throw on some nice music while you are it, and find your beautiful self some serious relaxation time!

Have a hydrating week, ya’ll!

In peace, Heather

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