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October 15, 2009

Hello, Fitness Friends!

I hope this finds ya’ll well and staying dry and healthy in the midst of this crazy weather.  While it’s not raining cats and dogs or men, it certainly has come down hard!  Remember, you can always find your sunshine by coming to class!

Speaking of…LADIES, this Saturday at 11:45 am, I will begin teaching at Hipline Studio, located at 3167 College Ave in Berekely (Oakland border).  Sign up in advance online for this super fun Shimmy Pop experience!  The special is great; only $20 for the first 3 classes!  This will be a guaranteed mood and body booster!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Totally not related, but very interesting tidbit next.  Recently, my dear friend, Teresa, made reference to a website that you can put in the ingredients in your fridge, and it will then give you recipes from cool food blogs!  How awesome is that?  Hmmm, what’s in my fridge and what can I make with it?  While this can sometimes be a fun challenge, when you are tired, you  may find it helpful to get some inspiration here.  Check it out!

Alright, ya’ll, wishing you a happy moment in time.  Remember to breathe, be nice to yourself and find a way to share your happiness with someone around you.

In peace,


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