Drink Up!

September 29, 2009

Hey, there, Fine Fitness Folks!

I know, I know, you got a little excited about the title of this one while you were imagining your beverage of choice…cosmo anyone?

I’m actually referring to water.  While I have written about the importance of H20 before, I have recently had a few conversations with some of you to realize that you are shorting your body of this needed substance!

Staying hydrated helps with all kinds of things, like:  more energy for working out and doing day to day activities, weight loss, digestion, mental clarity, softer skin, increased flexibility, and less chance for injury.

You gotta drink up this miracle stuff otherwise known as water, aka H2O!

One new cool way to keep track of it is through an app on Itunes.  Go to the application store.  In the power search menu on the quick links at the right, type in “eight glasses a day.”  Then, you can download the app for free!  Coolio!

My good old way to get in the habit is simply to put a post it note by your computer and put a tally mark every time you drink a cup.  Another simple suggestion is to fill up 2 water bottles (32 oz each) and be sure they are done before the day’s end (just try to pace yourself and not drink it all at once at the end!)

HYDRATE, ya’ll!

In health, happiness and hydration,


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Tiffanye November 1, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Thanks girl for the reminder! Get so busy at work always forget this!!!


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