The Equation of Life

September 3, 2009

Life is an equation.

Not quite as simple as the one from high school math, as the human equation is much more dynamic and unique.  However, what they both have in common is that the equations have an equals sign (or unequals, sadly, at times) with input and output of variables on each side.

Lately, I have been contemplating life in terms of giving and receiving energy.  Being back to work full-time and being present for my students and the teachers I work with takes a lot of energy and this show up on the output side of my personal life equation.  During a recent training at my school, I brought myself back to my center by breathing, only to realize how exhausted I felt in that moment.  I had to stop and think about what I needed to do in order to have some input and give back to myself.  And, as you already know, visiting my massage therapist, Jamie, is one of the ways I do it!

It is vital to find ways to give back to yourself, whatever that means to you.  Exercise is one of those that goes on both sides of the equation, as it gives you energy and also takes energy to do it.  So, keep on exercising!  Simultaneously, find some other ways to get your life equation into a balance with that equals sign.  Maybe it’s slowing down for a cup of tea, going for a walk and noticing the clouds, making a date with a friend, sleeping in late, reading a good book or doing nothing for an entire afternoon.  Whatever it is to you, it is essential to check in with yourself on a regular basis to ensure that you are being true to your life equation.

So, check in with yourself.  Right now.  Scan your body from head to toe.  Breathe.  Check in with your heart.  Check in with your mind.  What do you need?  How can you support the balance in your life equation?  Be true and good to yourself!

In peace and happiness,


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Britt Bravo September 3, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Beautiful post, chica!


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