I’m featured on ‘The Juice’!

June 1, 2009

Hello, Lovely Fitness Folks!

Be sure you are BREATHING a lot during the course of this moment, day, and week.  Think about your breath doing mundane things like washing dishes, notice it when you get stressed, pay attention to it when you are exercising.  Just observe what happens.  Next week, we will take a further look into this dynamic topic!

In the meanwhile, I wanted to point in a cool virtual direction.

This week I am a featured guest on The Juice on the Blogher site!

Please check out Blogher.

The Juice, which is a blog dedicated to talking about Functional Fitness, invites different experts on to talk about a variety of topics.  I am talking about ‘Functional Fitness on the Road.’

To view, simply go to blogher, find “Functional Fitness on the Road,”  and press the arrow to play.

Happy breathing and virtual fitness surfing!

Be well!
In peace,

We must be the change we wish to see ~ Gandhi

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