What’s the Deal with D?

May 25, 2009

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You may have heard some murmurs out there recently about the new notorious vitamin: vitamin D.  Maybe even from your mother who worries so much about you, even though you know she has the best intentions?  Well, the bottom line is: the rumors are right, and so is your mom!

Basically, what you need to know is that there is substantial new research to show that vitamin D is a very, very important vitamin.  In fact, it’s kind of like the nutritional superhero of vitamins!  Due to the fact that one way that folks to get this vitamin was through the sun (and people are sun-shy because of the UV rays and their effects), most people are very deficient in this area.  Also, you can’t get enough vitamin D from food, so a D3 supplement is necessary with more than 400 IU is needed.

Here are some more details that you may want to know:

  • Recent research has shown that 2,000 genes (about 1/6 of your body’s make-up) is regulated by vitamin D…meaning that almost everything your body does, it relies on vitamin D to do it!
  • Vitamin D affects many bodily functions, from the immune system to cell death and production, and insulin production.
  • Lack of vitamin D has been linked to such things as heart disease, skin cancer, depression, and birth defects just to name some.
  • Vitamin D still works hand-in-hand with calcium to keep your bones strong.
  • While previous recommended doses were for 200 IU, you actually 400-800 IU if you are younger than 50, and 800-1,000 IU if you are over 50.
  • In order to get enough D from the sun, you would need to be outside during the mid-afternoon and get 15 minutes to most of your body daily.  Of course, living somewhere that there is not that kind of sunshine would make it hard to get this regardless of the harmful rays.
  • Drinking up 2 glasses of skim or low-fat milk that is fortified is also helpful to get some of this vitamin, as is eating fish like salmon and tuna.
  • D3 is the kind you want, as it is the same type that the skin makes, where as D2 is a plant-based from which is harder for the body to metabolize.
  • While your body won’t get rid of extra vitamin D like vitamin C (when you pee it out and can see the bright color), it is very hard to OD on it.  More specifically, you would need to take in 10,000 IU every day for 6 months in order for it to be toxic.

I just checked my vitamin supplement to ensure I am getting enough, and low and behold I am not getting D3 and it is on the low side of the the recommended daily allowance.  You should do the same, and add it to your list for the next trip to the store!

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