Wonder as you Wander

May 17, 2009

Hello, Fitness Friends!
I hope this finds you well, healthy, and happy.

As you all know, life hands you challenges to figure out.  And, sometimes, it provides you with several challenges all at once, which can feel overwhelming.  This has been my life recently.  Somehow in the midst of it all, you know it will get better eventually; but it does not always make the meantime feel much easier.

So, what can one do in the meantime to feel better?

Wonder as you wander*.  Walking and thinking is a great way to help yourself work through tough thoughts.  There is something about moving rather than sitting static that helps thoughts to move forward.  In fact, in NYC, there is a therapist who has actually developed a ‘walk and talk’ therapy and he believes that this approach ‘creates an environment of possibility and change.’  (See http://www.walkandtalk.com/index.html for more info.)  The next time you are stuck in thoughts, walk it out by yourself or with someone you want to connect with (remember your FBF / Fitness Best Friend?).

And, while wandering is great, getting your heart-rate up and your endorphins going can also be super beneficial.  Exercise does wonders!  No matter what your mood is, try to push yourself forward to do it.  It can help bring you into the present moment and allow you to feel more grounded, positive, and open.  For real.  A special thank you for those of you who made my days better last week by working out with me!

Be well, connect with the important people in your life, and exercise!

In peace,

* Reference to a great book, I Wonder As I Wander, by Langston Hughes

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