Travel Workout

May 17, 2009

Travel Workout Tips:

  • Be sure you put a towel on the floor!
  • Do each exercise in the following sequence.
  • Do the sequence 3 times through.
  • You can alter the number of times, but here is a guide: if it is movement, do it 15, 13, 11 times.  If it is hold, do it for 60, 45, 30 seconds.  Basically, do a variety and take it to your own challenge level.  The cardio in between is for 1 minute each.

In-room workout:

* plank hold on forearms

- jumping jacks

* leg lifts on side.  both top and bottom leg.

- jog in place

* push ups

- fast feet

* back extensions on belly

- stair climber (all 4s on the ground, alternating legs)

* side plank hold (both sides)

- fast front kicks with arms pulling in

* walking lunges

- imaginary jump rope

* tricep dips (crab position, with booty by floor)

- fast feet, moving side to side

* plie squat

- walk around room / in place

* bicycle crunches
And, of course, don’t forget to do some stretching before you call it a wrap!

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