The Importance of H2O

May 17, 2009

Hey, Ya’ll!
I hope this finds you well in this moment of time!
Here is some food (or, should i say drink) for thought:

You should be getting about 11 cups of liquids a day!  Whaaaat?  That’s right!  About 3 cups come from the food you eat, but that leaves you 8 that you need to drink on your own.

Check yourself:
Keep a tally at your desk of how many cups of water you drink a day. Put your tallies on a post-it note, so it stands out and reminds you to do it. Do this for a week.  Are you getting enough water?  If not, how can you plan it into your day??

Why it is key:
Lifting weights when you’re dehydrated may blunt strength gains!  Yup!  According to Dan Judelson, PhD., California State University, Fullerton, compared with well-hydrated weight lifters, those who worked out while moderately hydrated (how you’d feel after an hour or two of exercising without water) saw a 16 percent increase in their cortisol levels.  And, this is NOT good, as this is a stress hormone which breaks down muscle tissue.  Plus, testosterone (the hormone that helps you build muscle) decreased by 10.8 percent.  Yikes!  Drink up in the hours before, during, and after you lift!

Reality check: Your pee should be nearly clear.

Happy drinking!

In peace,


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