Fitness Best Friend (FBF)

May 17, 2009

Hello, Fitness Friends!

I have been thinking a lot about motivation. Here are some of the questions that have been going through my mind that you should ask yourselves:

What motivates you to go to work out?  Why are some days easier?  Why are some harder?  What kind of workouts make the time fly by?  Which music helps you be so in the moment that you push harder?  Are you motivated by classes, working out by yourself, or with someone?  How do you feel when you work out?  Is this enough to motivate you  the next time, or do you need something more?

Do you need more consistency, motivation, and support?

While we are all different, with our own unique needs, most of us would benefit from having a Fitness Best Friend (my new term ~ FBF).

This person could be a:

-family member
-significant other
-personal trainer
-child (if they are old enough)
-aquaintance from the gym

In order to have the process go smoothly, you need to find someone who you look forward to working out, who has similar fitness goals AND a similar schedule.

So, how do you find a a FBF?  I would recommend the following:
1) Send an email to your friends and/or coworkers that live close to you with an explanation of your goals and see if they are in a similar place and want to join your adventure!
2) Ask someone you see at your gym.  That special person is there; keep your eyes open!

And, for those of you how already have FBF’s, you need to think about:
a) How can you take it to the next level with your workouts?
b) Can you add another day?
c) Can you encourage each other to challenge your bodies in harder way?  new ways?
d) Is it time to set new goals?

Happy health!

In peace,


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