Letting go of Stress

May 17, 2009

let it go…
let it flow…
let it be like a waterfall…

This is one of my mantras when it comes to stress and dealing with things I do not have control over.  Here’s the deal:  stress impacts all of us.  It is a part of life.  Sometimes it is easier to deal with; other times, it is harder.  The most essential key is that you find ways to deal with the inevitable stress in positive, productive, healthy ways.

First of all, if you wanna have a little fun and measure your stress level, you can go to:
http://www.webmd.com/balance/stress-management/tc/interactive-tool-what-is-your-stress-level-what-does-this-tool-measure (be sure to scroll down to answer all the statements)

Then, think about the following information in regards to developing these
lifestyle pieces to help you in your search of peace:

  • Breathe deeply.  Slow your breath and allow the air to go into your belly.  Do this 3-10 times.  when you breathe deeply and slowly, your body is relaxed.  So, if you are not relaxed, you can take your body to this state by changing your breathing.  Try it now; it works!  Then, try it in a stressful situation; it works then, too!
  • Try to maintain a balance of all the important things in your life (family, friends, work, etc.) without giving any one thing too much weight.  Balance is the key to life, so my dad claims.
  • Be assertive.  A major source of stress can be poor communication.  Figure out a way to say what you need to say, take some deep breaths, and deliver it with tact and thoughtfulness.  How are you feeling?  Better than if you held it in?  Fo’ sho’!
  • Be sure to use your social network (friends, family, coworkers).  It’s always good to know you are not alone, and people can often times help you problem solve!
  • Think consciously about what calms you down when you are actually calm (listening to music, talking with friends, taking a walk, etc.) and employ these when you are feeling challenged.
  • Be sure you are doing something that you view as purposeful and meaningful, be it through your job, volunteering, or something nice for your friends.
  • Get enough sleep, because your body recovers from the stresses of the day while you are sleeping (ummmm, do i see a theme here with this one??!)
  • Be sure to eat a balanced diet for a nutritional defense against stress (ummmm, yes, there is, indeed, a theme emerging!!)
  • Also be sure to exercise throughout the week (YES, most def a theme about our lifestyle and taking care of YOU!…this is so exciting!!!)

The next time you are faced with some stress, remember what you can do to work it out, and think:

let it go…
let it flow…
let it be like a waterfall..

In peace,


Additional resources:

do things big and/or small to help others:

delicious bath soaks:

survey of how you deal with stress:

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