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April 6, 2009

Hello, Beautiful Beings!

I hope this finds you well, motivated, and happy!

Spring has sprung!  Isn’t it lovely having so much daylight at the end of the day!!?  While I’m sure we will be going through some more rain/sun/rain/sun action, you should try to take advantage of the beautiful days we are having!

I found it so inspirational this weekend to walk just up the street from my house and head into the hills for the amazing views of the city as well as the close-ups of flowers blooming.  I also was so perfectly in-the-moment taking a stroll around the lake, soaking in some vitamin D for the skin and being amazed by all the birds as well as the fun conversations with my Fitness Best Friend (and little Fitness Best Friend : ) ).

So, spice up your days in-between gym workouts with some outdoor strolls or jogs!  Nature is right outside your door, waiting for you!  Lake Merritt, the Oakland Hills, the Cemetery at the end of Piedmont and your neighborhood are calling your names!  Go solo for some quiet time, or ask your (or, one of your) Fitness Best Friends to go with you!

And, for some bigger weekend outings here are some awesome trails in the Bay Area:

For trails outside of the Bay Area, go to:

Go enjoy the extra sunshine and get your heart rate up! And, of course, don’t forget to wear your sunblock : )

In peace,
We must be the change we wish to see ~ Gandhi

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