At the Center

Life is beautiful. Life can also be challenging.  It has ups, downs & everything in between.  A bit of a roller coaster, really, where we can either be scared & grip on tightly to what’s in front of us, or throw our hands up & scream out of sheer excitement & joy for what’s about to come.  It’s about perspective & being true to what comes up for you.

My bodywork, classes, personal training, videos, photos & writing that I offer are about sharing this beautiful journey together: body, mind & soul.

Look at the sky & be inspired by the clouds that are ever changing, yet their essence remains the same.
Appreciate flowers along the path, that remind us to trust in the process of opening from the inside out.
Express yourself from the inside, expressions & reflections from your heart.
Live the life you want, lusciously, unapologetic, fully, taking up space.
Sing & dance from your center to your fingertips.
Look fully into the eyes of the people in front of you with understanding & compassion.
Come back to your heart again & again.
Create your own beauty (for me, this is tattooed body, non-vogue clothing, feather earrings, cowgirl boots & sparkly lip gloss).

Join me.  From the inside out.  From your heart to your fingertips & everything in between.

Live Lusciously, Y’all, & Create Your Own Beautiful




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